Breaking: Stamkos Chooses Own Happiness Over Playing In His Hometown

At 1:33 PM on Friday, January 23, 2015 the dream of Steven Stamkos playing for the Leafs officially died and Pierre LeBrun killed it.

Many of us were patiently waiting for Stamkos to be that bonafide 2C who could play behind Bozak, but no more. Stamkos has opted to spit in the face of his family and friends and discard his hometown with the same amount of consideration one gives an empty Tim Horton’s cup and for what? This?

Is this really a better alternative than having David Clarkson on your wing for the next five years?

“Obviously July 1 you can announce a deal and something hopefully similar to what [Patrick] Kane and [Jonathan] Toews did, sometime after July 1. It’s a long ways away. I’m not really focused on that. We haven’t really talked about that at all. We’ll discuss that in the summertime, but I’m obviously very happy with where I am in Tampa. You see the team we’ve been able to develop the past couple of years, the ownership we have, obviously [general manager] Steve Yzerman, the coaching staff, the young nucleus of the team. I feel like the old fart at 24, all these guys coming in here, but they’ve played extremely well and I want to be part of it, to say I was there from the beginning to see the end result.” (via Lebrun)

It’s almost like this meant nothing

Good riddance. Who needs him? There are plenty of other people who would love to play here like…


Consider how this might play out. The Leafs need a coach, Kopitar’s father is a coach. Who wouldn’t want to win a championship with their Dad? The Leafs have already poached former teammates Jonathan Bernier, Matt Frattin, and Brandon Kozun away from the Kings organization and are rumoured to be in the market for Mike Richards as well. He’d be able to come to Toronto without missing a beat. Plus, after winning a cup in L.A. you know he’s that much hungrier to win a championship in a real hockey market.

Plus he’s clearly a Jays fan…

You know that Tim Leiweke had to have had the ball rolling on this even prior to leaving L.A. so I’m sure we can expect big things in the summer of 2016, or possibly Lombardi sees the writing on the wall and will deal him to the Leafs this summer so he doesn’t walk for nothing (this is probably more likely because Lombardi is a good GM.)

Sit tight Leafs fans, help is clearly on the way in 2016. It might not be who we originally thought, but we’ll take him.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    I hope that Stamkos signs with Tampa on July 1 and quickly puts Leaf fans out of their misery. What has become clear is that no big name UFA in his prime will change teams. They will be resigned as early as possible. They will never hit the market. If you have a stud like Stamkos, Toews or Kane that your team is built around, you make sure you keep him. And as Steve Dangle pointed out, the way you get a player like that is to draft him.

    In the future, first round draft choices will rarely be traded away. Few second rounders either. With a salary cap, the world has changed. It is all about player development. By all accounts, Shanahan is doing a good job of rebuilding this area on the Leafs. 70% of the players in the NHL are first or second round draft choices. And the biggest mistake you can make is giving up on a high draft choice too soon. Hello Boston! How is that Seguin trade looking? Better late than too soon. It took Chicago five years to give up on Kyle Beach (11th in 2008) – and he never played in the NHL.

    Time to step up the Tank for a shot at McDavid campaign.

    • CMpuck

      Sorry to ruin your four props that you had obtained with your work of journalism.

      First of all Shanahan isn’t doing that good of a job. Now Martin a simple question for you. Who were the architects of disaster of the leafs drafting over the past decade?? I’ll tell you,guys like the head honcho Dave Morrison, Mike Penny and Tom Watt and others.

      Now another simple question where are these guys who drafted so pathetically employed today. THEY ARE STILL EMPLOYED BY THE FREAKING LEAFS. GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE.

      All very fine of you to point out that those oh so precious second round picks are to be cherished. You do realize, or wait a minute obviously you don’t realize that the leafs have not had a second round pick 6 of the past 10 years and haven’t had one the past 2 years and guess what THEY FREAKING DON’T HAVE ONE FOR JUNE.

      So yeah laugh at Boston and then take a look at their goal tender. Oh wait a minute you are probably wearing a Andrew Raycroft jersey right now.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Time to face facts but the best UFA we can hope to get are players like Clarkson because the MSM and twittersphere destroy players like Kessel, Bozak and Reimer. The better players are going to stay in small markets with less scrutiny and more privacy

  • CMpuck

    Put the cup in Tampa, parade it around a Target parking lot you f’ing loser.

    Stamkos is just another sissy that can’t man up and be a hockey God by winning in TO. Go TB, they call it ‘dah shoot out game’ in south Florida.

    • CMpuck

      Dude are you stupid Steve Yezerman built the entire team around Stamkos right before his prime. And now Tampa will be contenders for the next 5-10 years!!! Why in hell would he want to come to a medeoker team like Toronto when they probably will be even worse and in the middle of rebuilding still when Sundin left!!!!????

      • CMpuck

        Because making the second round in Toronto is worth more than fifteen cups in f’ing Disney World on the Mickey Mouse Lightin’.

        Can’t wait to see him this mook go head first into the post next time.

        • CMpuck

          Again you are a retard; the leafs aren’t going to make it to the second round in years. The lightning however are on the rise and will be STANLEY CUP CONDENDERS for the next 10 years especially if Druin Bishop Palat and Johnson continue to reach their potential. Steven Stamkos even said he is committed long term in Tampa Bay. He shouldn’t want to come to a medeoker team like Toronto.

        • CMpuck

          And if Stammer wins 15 cups in Tampa he will become a legend!!! Especially if he continues to score 50+ goals every year!!!! I mean 15 cups won before stamkos is 40 years old will make Tampa Bay one of the greatest Dynastys of all time like Montreal in the 60s or Edmonton in the Gretzky era

          • CMpuck

            The only reason to get excited about this news is to hate on Toronto, that’s the point, sure Tampa is ok, and might be a contender on paper but the biggest story is Stamkos not coming to Toronto.

            Toronto eclipses any accomplishment in Tampa Bay.

            Vinny was to big a wuss to go to Montreal too.

            Stamkos = Vinny, who f’ing cares, they’ll ultimately be forgotten.

          • CMpuck

            Oh what mental disorder you have. What are those “accomplishments” that eclipses Tampa Bay? 48 years of no Stanley cup? 1 playoff appearance in 14 years? Trading Rask for Raycroft? The disasters of John Ferguson Jr. Kliff Fletcher Burke and Nonis who all have been 100% failures? Being run by corporations that only care about winning but money? And trading for anti-captain Phaneuph or Seguin\Hamilton for Kessel the Alexander Steen trade and drafting goons and slow-ass nobody’s in the first round and 3 STRAIGHT COLAPSES!!!!!!????? IS better than all the good stuff like properly drafting and developing young superstars just because a sad little delusional fan wants Stamkos to ditch a great organization that cares and deeplty respects Stamkos and come to this mess.

          • CMpuck

            Oh and that is what makes Stamkos so smart. Even if he came to Toronto the fans and media will destroy him and run him out of town after each and every last bad shift. We did this before remember? Phaneuph was once praised as a great d-man now he is hated Kessel was loved for being an elite talent now he is also despised same with James Vanriemsdyk Reimer Kadri Lupul EVERYONE!!!!

          • CMpuck

            Replying to your own posts like a special kid, there is an edit comment option genius…

            Tampa might as well be an AHL team compared to Toronto, do you really win a cup if no one sees it. Stamkos is too scared to sit at the cool kids table, his man card is revoked.

            A championship in Tampa is like getting vacation tail, she may be a 10 but it still doesn’t really count.