BREAKING: Toronto Trades Ashton, Broll to Tampa Bay

Earlier today, I urged the Leafs to start making trades and set the market. This isn’t exactly what I meant, but hey, I’m glad Toronto’s front office reads The Leafs Nation.

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Toronto has traded Carter Ashton, 23, and David Broll, 22, to the Tampa Bay Lightning for a conditional 7th round pick in 2016.

A conditional pick… Why you ask? Well, this is a move that has nothing to do with the outgoing players or the return. It has everything to do with contract flexibility and cap space.

With the trade, the Leafs now sit at 48 contracts out of a maximum 50. That’s insanely important as we inch closer to the trade deadline, and will allow the Leafs to accept two-for-one deals that involve players on SPCs. In addition, the Leafs save $851K against the cap on Ashton’s deal, and $591K on Broll’s.

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The conditional seventh round pick? I’d actually be pretty surprised if it’s ever converted. It might have something to do with Tampa’s ability to resign Ashton, who is an RFA this offseason.

UPDATE: Here’s Chris Johnston with an update on what the condition is… Yup, still think it won’t be converted.

Ashton, who recently returned from a PED-related suspension, was ranked by TLN writers as the 15th best prospect in the organization. Broll was mentioned in our Honourable Mentions as he failed to crack the Top 20. Both have had limited exposure to the NHL, but neither did enough to stick around full time.

At best, they were depth pieces to the Leafs. Not to sound harsh, but I’ll take the extra million in cap space and roster flexibility. In fact, this could mean that another deal is on the way.

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  • Kanuunankuula

    Although they definitely could have gotten more in return this trade will give guys like Josh Leivo, Connor Brown, and William Nylander a bigger role with the marlies that should help their development.


  • I understand that the Leafs need roster spots, but they are literally just giving these players away for nothing if Ashton doesn’t play 15 games next season.

    Could they really not find a taker that would give them a guaranteed draft pick?

    You have a team like Edmonton that needs a serious roster shake up, like the Leafs. Hall for example has been there in his 5th season now of continuous loss; it takes a toll on you mentally.

    Edmonton has been losing for so long, even just fresh minds and bodies that haven’t been tainted by continuous loss, and a guy in Ashton wanting to earn an NHL roster spot could be a refreshing change.

    • You’re talking about a guy who’s proved nothing in the NHL and is about to lose his prospect status (Ashton) and another who hasn’t produced in any meaningful way in Junior for a couple years now (Broll).

      What did you think you were going to get for them? Their value is next to nothing. The value in trading them comes in gaining contract slots and cap space.

      This, in my opinion, is a *good* move.

      • Jeremy Ian

        What do I think you’re going to get for them? I stated that I’m disappointed that they couldn’t even get a guaranteed 7th round pick.

        If Ashton doesn’t play 15 games the Leafs literally get nothing in return.

        I stated right off the get go I understand it was a move to clear roster spots; but I’m disappointed that nothing is guaranteed to come back our way in terms of that draft selection.

  • Well , Well leaf fans when you give garbage away in a trade, you get a 7th round garbage pick back. All you fools who think the leafs are going to get first round and second round picks for bums who have helped contribute to an 11th game losing streak give your pencil neck geek acme infested faces a head shake.

    Then again the leafs once upon a time gave up two first round picks for Lee Stempniak who was traded for a 7th and 4th round pick, so yeah typical leaf trading.