The Steve Dangle Podcast – Feb 19, 2015 – PriceCast

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On this episode, the guys talk about Steve doing something for the first time and Jesse debates Steve on the Habs.

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  • CMpuck

    ‘Tanking has worked everywhere expect Edmonton’

    Thanks for changing you tune Dangle, you used to do the ‘shut your face cause Edmonton’ lip service to Tank Nation (fun fact the only way to build a team).

  • CMpuck

    Hey !! Awesome podcast, made me laugh the whole way through!! As a Habs fan, totally on Steve’s side though, when I listen to LFRs, I could have taken some lines and someone would have swore I was talking about the Habs (well, not recently since Leafs are just sooo bad.. ), but yeah… And I just want to make a comment on the thing with the Canadiens Hall of Fame. People are not allowed with backpacks in the Bell Centre, but smaller bags, purses, those kinds of things are allowed. Even I got a pretty big purse and they have always let me in.. They started that rule this season, after what happened in Ottawa. Great work on your French though!! 🙂

  • CMpuck

    The problem with Kyperos is,

    First, we don’t select the players on the roster, sign the contracts, or determine how well or poor they play. Yet are the ones that invest our time and money into the product – The Maple Leafs.

    He then says it is a disgrace for Tank Nation, a notion that is subscribed to by fans, not by the players on the ice. So why are we being attacked for thinking this is what the team should do. We invest our time and money, we’re allowed to have our opinions, which have zero effect on how the Leafs actually performs as I sit on my couch, computer chair, or bar stool etc. watching them win/lose.

    Secondly, why is it that the media – Kyperos in this case – says its a disgrace, shame, blah, blah and defends the players. I mean should it not be disgraceful that this is how the Leafs have played? This is how they reward their fans? Should they not be the ones being called out for their poor perform instead of blaming the audience?

    We support the Leafs, invest into their product, and its not shame the team did poorly. Its shame on you fans for wanting the team to improve, even if that means suggesting they get better or more draft selections by selling off players which don’t seem destined to return.