LGD- Eric Brewer Bowl

View image | gettyimages.com Eric Brewer is known for many things. 2002 Olympic Gold Medallist, member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, journeyman NHL defenceman. Tonight, he’ll make himself known for something else- becoming a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs- and in doing so, suit up for his sixth NHL team. Brewer is…


Back to School: Which Communications Major Could Improve the Leafs?

The trade deadline has passed. The draft is still over three months away. Tanking is depressing and I’m not ready to adopt new teams for the playoffs. It’s time to fill that void with NCAA free agent speculation since their season will be wrapping up shortly and we are about a month away from the Frozen Four…


<br> In the fall, I asked an NHL scout about the CHL’s western league and was informed it was a ‘down year’ and there might not be a Top 10 overall selection in the WHL. Six months later? Ivan Provorov has changed the landscape.


On The Air Tonight

If you are at all like me (God help you), you were a little confused by the announcement from TSN (the Totally Sorry Network) yesterday afternoon that they would be apologizing to Dion Phaneuf, Elisha Cuthert and Joffrey Lupul “on the air tonight”. I mean, if you’re going to apologize, just do it. Don’t delay it any…