In the fall, I asked an NHL scout about the CHL’s western league and was informed it was a ‘down year’ and there might not be a Top 10 overall selection in the WHL. Six months later? Ivan Provorov has changed the landscape.


First, the speed and skill. Ivan Provorov is a tremendous talent with the puck as reflected in the 44 seconds to daylight above. Great skater, outstanding vision and an ability to make people miss: A dynamite combination. Early on, he began to move up the charts:

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Provorov began gaining steam out of the box and his offense by month reflects his quick start and overall dominance:

  • September: 4GP, 1-3-4
  • October: 13GP, 7-8-15
  • November: 11GP, 0-11-11
  • December: 7GP, 2-5-7
  • January: 10GP, 1-11-12
  • February: 6GP, 3-3-6
  • March: 1GP, 0-0-0

    • Cody Nickolet, WHL From Above: Provorov does a bit of everything on the
      ice and does it all well. While not being an extremely explosive player, he
      doesn’t have many weaknesses. He’s smart, he skates well, he moves the puck
      hard and accurately and he can play in any situation you put him in. He also
      has shown an increased edge in his game the last few times I’ve seen him,
      although I don’t project him to ever be a big bruiser on the blueline. Think of
      a guy like Mark Giordano. I think the two play a similar style and offer up
      many of the same attributes. Source

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    I think Noah Hanifin will be the first defenseman off the board but it’s interesting to note that Craig Button—whose list is fascinating if not the industry standard—ranks Provorov as the top defender in the draft. Bob McKenzie’s mid-season list—the Bible of the draft—ranked Provorov as the No. 12 prospect in 2015. 

    Previously in the series:

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    • Now lets look at this logically and based on previous track record. Outside of McEichel. Does it really matter who the Oilers pick? Based on the “Hockey Gods” as our old friend used to refer to and the ineptitude of our management/coaching/scouting/directors/ticket sales reps/goalie coaches/security guys who tell you not to put your beer on the glass during games whoever we pick will be the wrong pick.
      We pick Hanafin and Paravorov will go on to be a player and take his team to the playoffs and play in the olympics while Hanafin eats pizza and loses his foot in a mountain biking accident. Flip it and pick Paravorov or whatever and Hannafin is an all american big mean defencemen and our guy goes back to Russia and drinks vodka.
      No franchise in the history of sports is better at getting it wrong than the Oilers and I dont see that changing at this years draft.

    • flamesfan98

      I’d say we pick defenseman ryan pilon in the second round. He is projected to go second round and also plays for Brandon. He is right behind provorov in points and plus minus. I live in Lethbridge and saw him play when he was still on the hirricanes and just 16 he is something to watch!!