The Steve Dangle Podcast – Mar 24, 2015 – Winging It

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On this episode, Steve doesn’t study and plays on his phone because apparently he’s still in high school.

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  • CMpuck

    I always wonder how popular this podcast would be if there was ever any sense of professionalism on it, having a quazzi script, actually doing your research instead of guessing about facts, and cutting out the “bad radio” parts.

  • CMpuck

    ‘The Leafs rival is themselves’

    Well put Adam, fan hatred directed at the organization’s personnel and decisions has gone on so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to direct that energy at another team.

    • CMpuck

      C.M. as you are well aware I’m old, old, old school. Back when the leafs were winning cups, yes they actually did back in the 1960’s you would never, never, never even conceive of cheering for another team when the leafs were eliminated from the playoffs.

      Today I see guys and gals posting well I like three teams, come on get serious. If you cheer for other teams you are strictly one of these lost souls who go to the local sports memorabilia store and pick up the jersey of the new champions of the sport. Trust me you look like a loser with the jersey on you and your are a loser where it really counts namely inside.

      It truly is very painful right now watching numerous leafs quit on the team but as I’ve stated before this is the terrible tasting medicine that we must take in order to rectify this horrid mess we currently are in.

      After all some of us older fans survived the Ballard era, we can survive the current idiots running M.L.S.E. Go leafs Go or as I should say Tank leafs tank.