First Star, Worst Star: March 29, 2015


Spring has sprung, the playoffs are almost here, it’s Wrestlemania Sunday, and if that wasn’t enough it’s time for First Star, Worst Star! 


Undrafted, undersized, and an NHL rookie at 26, Andrew Miller can now also add “Edmonton Oiler record holder” as he became the first Oiler to ever score his first NHL goal on a penalty shot. And what a thing of beauty it was! 

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Bar down! Top shelf where Arch keeps the bleach! Or as the kids say on Twitter these days PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW! Oiler fans haven’t had much, if anything, to cheer for this season, so it’s nice to end the season on a bit of a high note watching guys fulfill lifelong dreams. If only it wasn’t happening at the expense of a shot at Connor McDavid…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I mean, for a guy who is essentially a cyborg who also has magic powers Darth Vader has a TERRIBLE sense of balance. 

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To be fair to Lord Vader though, things could have been much worse; he could have been THIS guy…

May the force be with you, but mostly with me. 

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      • RedMan

        It’s only right and fitting that Edmonton misses out on McDavid and Iechel, and probably takes the “bouwmeester-like” soft defenseman Hanifin who is sure to be destroyed by their lack of development for prospects.

        forcing the league to make an Oiler-specific rule (like the Avery specific rule) and change the entire draft to keep the Oilers from corrupting the league any further, and watching the Oiler fans embrace tank year after year while simultaneously telling everyone that they were still better – they get what they deserve.

        This year, Oiler fans weren’t so happy about the losing, but ultimately embraced it anyway when there was no other choice, and they get what they deserve. For all those who called Flames fans idiots for rooting for wins (Lambert) let this be a lesson – just cause yo suck and have an intolerable, unwatchable year, doesn’t mean you get the top 1 or 2 draft positions anyway.

        It’s hard to fathom that teams like Buffalo, Toronto, Edmonton and Arizona are allowed to charge full price for tickets and lose on purpose. These four teams, but especially Edmonton and Buffalo, are the best argument yet for a relegation system.

        • SSB1963

          You give the Proud city of Lethbridge a bad name! Maybe you should get off your high horse and look back in history at Pittsburgh, Quebec/Colorado and Ottawa for teams that have drafted high in several consecutive years. The whining out people like you is pathetic!

          • RedMan

            If I give Lethbridge a bad name, where does that leave Edmonton and all the oiler fans who root for tanking year after year while telling everyone they are the best team regardless??? hahaha talk abut a bad name!

            Yes, the league has had to change the rule because of Edmonton. period.

            you can say all you want about the value of losing… let’s hear some more! please, continue to extoll the virtues of losing…

          • SSB1963

            You should maybe look at how the oilers have been playing as this season winds down, sure doesn’t look like tanking to me. As for fans cheering for tanking I am not so sure those are true fans, but it is only natural for fans to hope for a player of the caliber of MacDavid and Eichel.

            Your Arguement is weak.

        • AJ88

          Fighting for a playoff position every year still does not make Flames a SC contender, Flames are still miles away from the Cup. When you win the cup or even get close, then you can act like a 5 year old with no self esteem and start slagging other teams. My prediction for the flames next year, the training wheels fall off.

          • RedMan

            hahaha great defense of Edmonton.

            everything you say about Calgary – i.e. not s SC contender, is that much more true about edmonton – you realize that right??? I’m sure Edmonton fans would not want to have a fun, surprising, winning year and be fighting for a playoff spot now, right? they’d rather finish last and get McDavid. Ooops, sorry, that didn’t work so well after all did it?

            Year 2 in Calgary vs year 5 (or 6, or 7, or even year 1 of the re-re-build): Flames and Calgary had an exceptionally entertaining and fun year. How did Edmonton’s year go? this year was supposed to be the year, remember? sorta like last year…

          • AJ88

            Maybe you are 5 years old, cannot see where I was defending Edmonton’s position. I have never stated this year was going to be Edmonton’s year, my hope for next year is to get to the .500 mark. My only comment to you was being a 5 year old with no self esteem, seems to have hit a nerve.

  • paul wodehouse

    The only high note from this awful season, slag five year stretch, is a one or two spot in the draft. Anything else and this season is like Drano, it burns on the way in, on the way down and all the fricken way!

  • RedMan

    this guy has a pretty good suggestion on how to stop teams like Edmonton from being bad on purpose and fix what’s wrong with the NHL draft:

    “A bad team would have a longer time period to rack up points, while teams on the playoff bubble might have just one or two games. As an example, Gold revisited the 2010 Draft and found that the Oilers would have won it (as they actually did) because they had 14 games to collect points while no other team had more than eight. In 2011, however, Edmonton would have earned the third-overall pick because in 12 games they only collected as many points as St. Louis managed in just four.”