WWYDW – Trading Down

This week at TLN we’ve been profiling the most-likely candidates to be drafted fourth overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the upcoming 2015 NHL Entry Draft. On Monday we talked about Boston College’s Noah Hanifin, and yesterday we covered London’s Mitch Marner. A little later today, we’ll be posting our next entry in the series (pssst… it’s Dylan Strome). 

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Of course, it’s certainly possible that the Leafs don’t pick fourth overall. If the offer is right, Toronto could choose to trade down. And man, would that have to be a hell of an offer.

The  Situation

You’re a member of the Leafs front office, and there are several teams looking to trade up into the top five picks of the draft. While many of you will simply want to keep the fourth overall pick, let’s never say never. 

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What kind of package would get you to trade down in the draft? Would you need a top ten pick at the very least? A package of picks and/or prospects? Are you looking for young, NHL-ready roster players? 

Play GM and leave your answer in the comments below. 

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  • jasken

    If I’m trading down I would want at least a top ten pick, an late first or early second round pick, and an A level prospect (ie. Nylander, Brown, ect)

    for example,

    Flyers pick at 7th, their late first round pick (from tampa) and a guy like Scott Laughton.

    Columbus’ pick at 8th, our 2nd round pick back, and a guy like Kerby Rychel or Sonny Milano.


    But I wouldn’t trade down so the asking price is irrelevant.

  • jasken

    A first and second rounder this year + a first next year + a highly touted prospect, and the Leaf’s include a core player in the trade.

    Team X trades;

    2015 1st rounder (15th to 30th?), 2nd rounder, 2016 1st, and blue chip prospect

    Leafs Trade;

    2015 4th overall + Phaneuf or Lupul or Bozak.

    Sidenote: Leafs trade Kessel to NJ for 6th overall, and one of their many young defencemen.

  • jasken

    I would only trade one or two spots down, we can get an elite player with a top 5 pick, why get fancy with it, but if we do pick outside of top 5, we should make sure we can get Barzal, I feel like if he wasn’t injured we would be talking more about him when comparing Marner/Strome

  • FlareKnight

    Honestly I’d treat it the same as the asking price for a normal year’s first or second overall pick, obscene overpayment.

    Basically the second pick in the next tier outside the god tier that is McDavid and Eichel. Would only go down a few spots at most 7 or 8 and then it’d be a high price to do so. A second and a really good prospect or next year’s first.

    I have no issue with getting more quantity of picks. I’d just rather move people off the roster for that. The quality at 4 is just too high to give up on. It’d have to be a seriously amazing offer.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Thinking along the same lines. I’d move roster players for picks and prospects more than deal our 4th. But for the right price, why not drop down a few notches. It’s such an amazing top 10.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Given the hype this year, there are certainly teams that are going to want one of Arizona’s or the Leafs’ picks. Unfortunately, the Leafs are among them!

    But if you can pick up a prospect and a 7-10th pick and get Barzal to Provorov in the mix, I’d certainly consider it. But the the prospect would have to be very good.

    I’d probably focus on a different kind of deal though, like work with the Devils on a JVR trade for their 6th. Pick up Hanifin with the 4th pick and Barzal or Zacha with the 6th. Or Marner and Provorov. Along those lines. I could see Lamoriello making a deal like that.

  • FlareKnight

    There is virtually no difference picking 4 or 5. Make that deal it saves a tough decision.
    Trade with St.Louis for a top 2 dfenceman, there first round pick and a prospect.

  • silentbob

    I’d have to get a player equivalent to what they’d be drafting + a swap of picks

    Something like MacKinnon and the 10th pick for the 4th pick, at least as the starting point.

  • jasken

    Let me see if I understand this you people spent the last what 5 years complaining about not having a true #1 center the first opportunity that comes up that has the deepest pool to draft potentials of being them your trading them. I would trade that pick sure but I want a top center and your pick if you dont have one end of discussion.

    This eliminates all those you dont want to deal with and the ones you do had better think long and hard on the worth of their centers or talk to someone else.