Examining the Possibilities of Toronto’s (Other) First Round Pick

With their season far behind them now, the Leafs’ and their management are looking ahead to the offseason, and the 2015 draft of course is of prime focus. With much of the talk being focused on the Leafs’ current spot at 4th overall, there is also another pick that could prove very important to the Leafs’ rebuilding efforts.

As you probably recall, the Leafs picked up the Nashville Predators’ first round selection this year in a package of a trade that sent Mike Santorelli and Cody Franson to the Tennessee-based franchise. With Nashville now out of the playoff race, the pick will now sit from 22nd-24th in the opening round of the upcoming draft. 

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Based on the results up to the end of the first round, here are the rules for the pick, via James Mirtle.

(Note: After Tampa’s win last night, the 21st pick is no longer attainable.)

With eight teams left, there are many possible scenarios, dependent on the outcomes of the final two rounds. After the top four is set, there will be a concrete answer for where this draft pick will sit in the final order. For the Leafs, it’s probably best that Nashville’s been knocked out already, as a higher pick gives more flexibility compared to a bottom-four selection.

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Whether the Leafs will keep this pick or trade it as well remains to be seen, with the possibility of trading down, up, or as part of a package always on the radar. Right now, it’s not the worst place to be drafting for your second pick, and with the right selection and development many late-first round picks have blossomed into very solid NHL players. 

Ultimately, acquiring the pick appeared to be a smart one, as it allowed for the Leafs to get an asset out of two expiring contracts, pick up 20-year old Brendan Leipsic who’s managed 21 points in 30 games with the Toronto Marlies so far (regular season and playoffs combined), and most importantly, allowed fans the joy of seeing Olli Jokinen in a Leafs uniform.

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  • Ultimate Sports'er

    The leafs have a genuinely amazing shot to draft Mitch Marner (who I think is much better than Dylan Strome. The dude is basically Patrick Kane 2.0) and Oliver Kylington, who many scouts say is the best European skater in the draft but for some reason, is ranked in the high twenties. That would be so good ehrmagerd

  • FlareKnight

    So yeah seems like 24 is the most likely unless we get a surprise series win from Washington or Calgary. In which case we could drop a bit further.

    Either way though 24 isn’t a bad spot, this is a really good draft and even there we are bound to have some good options.

  • Shouldnt we be talking about the edmonton oilers? Seems to me thats all you have to talk about these days. Heard we will probably be getting babcock soon too. Mcdavids going to be our first pick and toronto cant afford him so have fun getting the next 4 first over all draft picks in the next 4 yrs. Toronto is no longer the centre of the universe. Alberta is- just ask all the easterners who now call this place home. btw we will be sending you your welfare cheque as soon as the oil spikes again….cheers

  • good luck trading the most overpaid players in the nhl. shanny will never fix this. 1967 haha! good news is that the leafs will be taking all the 1st overall picks in the next 6-8 yrs ughhh! what a complete disaster that team is….and thats coming from an oiler fan….RIP

    • Who are Oiler fans to call players overpaid? This coming from a fan of the team that gave out $6M deals like cotton candy to guys coming off their entry level deals. Or a combined $13M to Purcell, Pouliot, and Nikitin. No team could aspire to match your record for 1st overall picks anyways. And it’s really amounted to some large success!

      • Your right those 6m deals sucked at first but they will be the key in signing Mcdavid long term. Ill bet that leafland had our problems instead of theirs. i feel sorry for leaf fans because i know whats about to happen. What has Shanny done other then score 50 goals a couple of times. Remind me what team he rebuilt from scratch?

    • TGT23

      An Oilers fan actually has the balls to talk about another team being bad? Really?

      You do realize salary retention is a thing, yes? Also, if the cap rises there will be no issue moving out the contracts. There were deals in place to do it at the deadline…

      Your troll game has gotten soft, atrophied with years of being a suckpile laughing stock of an organization.

  • Whats with the made up stupid articles coming out of Toronto? leafs have no trading power….Has that sunk in yet? Build through the draft is the only option. No team wants your players. All you have to trade is a couple of above average young d-man. Why would anyone think Mcdavid would want to come to a disastrous situation like it is in leafland? Whos going to fix this? Shanny? How? Once again people in leafland believe they can win somehow. Another generation is going to have to suffer through the fact that everything they have been told is true….That “The leafs just suck!” Cheers from oil country 🙂 PS..Mcdavid says “Hi”

  • TGT23

    Shanny also scored 7, 22, 30, 29, 33, 25, 44, 47, 28, 31, 41, 31, 37, 30, 25, 40, 29, 23, and 6 goals per season for 656 goals in the NHL making him the 13th most prolific scorer in the history of the league. This is his first attempt to build a team. As a fan of hockey you should know these things or at least push a couple buttons and allow the internet to help you not look ignorant. And remember, you’re just a watcher. You didn’t suck because the oilers sucked and you won’t be great if the oilers become great

  • TGT23

    You people bringing up 67 like it is an insult. The last Canadian team to bring a cup home was 25 years ago so no Canadian team has any bragging rights here. And hate to break it to any you guys doesn’t look like one is coming anytime soon. No offense to Hab fans Price albeit the best goalie in the game not going to bring you a cup by himself. As for Shanny he’s building a core of personnel that will help the team in the long run, and changes won’t happen over night. Let’s see how the team looks 5 years from now not 5 months. Nonis and company have crippled the team and it’s not going to get fixed in a year. Leafs have some pretty good prospects in the ranks in Nylander Leipsic Leivo Carrick Froese Johansson Brown Bibeau Rielly Whoever they draft going forward, so fans will need patience