Leafs sign Martin Marincin

The Leafs have signed Martin Marincin to a one-year contract, per the team, and Chris Johnston reports the deal is worth $700,000.

Marincin was brought in a couple weeks ago when the Leafs dealt a fourth-round pick and Brad Ross to the Oilers in exchange for the 23-year-old blue liner.

The Leafs’ list of defencemen – especially of the bottom pairing variety – is starting to get busy. Marincin is expected to make a push to get into the top four, but Hunwick, Polak, Robidas and Brennan are also back there trying to get ice time. However, with the Leafs being rumored to be shopping Polak for the last little while, it would almost be a surprise to see him in the mix opening night.

As for the money and term, the Leafs again go with the no-risk cheap option to see what Marincin can bring this season, and he’ll be a restricted free agent next summer. The level of flexibility they’ve managed to maintain for next offseason is almost staggering.

Marincin hasn’t been a point-producer (he only registered 5 in 41 games this past season) but he’s still quite young and has been known for his ability to prevent zone entries, which is no doubt what caught the Leafs’ attention.

Our own Jon Steitzer had a more in-depth rundown of Marincin’s game when he first looked into what he might cost going forward. You can read all about him here.

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  • MatsSundin#13

    I really do feel like Polak will be gone come opening night, and if he is then the third pairing will probably be Robidas with Brennan/Marincin?
    We have heard that they are going to take their time and let the forwards develop and not have any back and forth between the Marlies, but would the same philosophy go for the D-corp? My guess is yes and that Brennan and Marincin battle it out for the job in training camp/preseason.

  • Kanuunankuula

    I honestly hope they sit Robidas. Let the young guys (and Dion ofc) have a go. Hope Rielly-Gardiner is the minute-munchers, with a pretty level TOI distribution. Maybe Dion-Marincin as a second pairing? Polak-Hunwick on bottom

  • Kanuunankuula

    I think Brennan will stick with the Leafs. He has earned it and I think management thinks he has as well.

    The team will be crap so you might as well reward a guy that has been good to the organization, give back to him.

    I really don’t mind Polak staying until the deadline, when he will have more value.

    Polak brings a physical element the team lacks and NHL experience. You need a guy to protect the younger guys as well – and I’m not talking about Colton Orr kind of protection. Polak can eat minutes and play the game.

  • SEER

    As an Oilers fan we were deeply confused as to why MacT relegated Marincin to the AHL last year. Supposedly he was outta shape. Sadly he was a better a defender then Schultz, Ference, Nikitin, Fayne, and Allie. 700k is a bargain for a player who get black hole defensive starts. By the eye he is soft at times. But he can defend and TO got a useful player for nothing that will probably be polarizing to say the least. He has top 4 potential because he can move a puck. He is a finesse defender, so at times it seems he is unengaged. ANalytics are kind to him because the puck moves in the right direction. He can get a puck out of the zone unlike most Oiler defenders. Chiarelli discarded him because he did not know Marincin, and he gave up a useful defender, who will figure out the NHL game.