Bobby Cappuccino Answers Your Questions For Brendan Shanahan

bobby shanny

Earlier today, the official Toronto Maple Leafs held a Twitter Q&A with Brendan Shanahan. Users were asked to submit questions with #AskShanny. Brendan did a great job answering a select few questions, but a lot of great questions went unanswered. As Brendan and I are both alpha males and have great abs, I felt like I could show my support of him and the team by answering the best questions that he was too good to answer.

Unfortunately, no refunds for Kessel jerseys will be offered. Instead, use the jersey as a bib or only wear it when you’re eating messy foods. That will honour Phil’s legacy while also being more useful than him.

Welcome to capitalism. 

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Next question.

Great question Susan. This is the exact reason why we kept Roman Polak and expect him to play more minutes and be a leader for our club this year.

This is a great idea. Gardiner would make a great winger. We always have a spot for a soft American. 

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What a great question, thank you Justin. So first, you have to wash your abs before you do your workout. Like really scrub them. This is why they are called washboard abs. Next, go to the beer store with your freshly washed abs and buy a nice 24 pack of Coors Light (need to go light on the carbs). The importance here is buying a 24 pack, not a 6 pack or 8 pack. You have to aim higher. Then, put that 24 on the end of a fishing line and hang it about three feet in front of a treadmill. With your clean abs, run on the treadmill until you can’t anymore. Then hit a few crunches. Now crack open a beer to celebrate. SURPRISE, you poured out all the beer and replaced it with water but you forgot. 
Repeat until you’re skinny enough for your clean abs to show.

Why would we subject those living in poverty to a Leaf game? They’ve suffered enough. 

Tresemme Shampoo Naturals Nourishing Moisture with aloe vera and avocado.  

I always live in a state of something: happiness, sadness, shock, ab workouts.

Do you think we didn’t try? I tried harder to move those players than I do on my abs. Have you seen my abs? They’re awesome. 

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Only if it’s low carb. 

I hide in my garden.

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  • silentbob

    “As Brendan and I are both alpha males and have great abs”

    I hate to break some bad news to you bobby, but most cars come with ABS these days. I think it’s standard.

  • Gary Empey

    Dear Shanny,

    Due to my own personal cap situation I can not afford to purchase a treadmill. I was able to buy the 24 beer though.

    Do you think I could make a treadmill with the empties?

    PS: How many abs are you supposed to have?. I seem to only have one.