Swedish newspaper reports Nylander likely to play in World Juniors

Some fun prospect news to toss along this morning, as it looks like we might see William Nylander suit up for the Swedish junior national team over the holidays.

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Nylander and Marner head-to-head? Good heavens.

Major stick-tap @sagajo via Platinum Seat Ghosts (@3rdPeriodSuits) for scooping up this snippet from Swedish tabloid “Aftonbladet”, where Peter Forsberg talks about putting together his club for the tournament, and how they’re pursuing Nylander to return for a run at gold.

Here’s the rough Google Translate version:

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Right now is a Swedish delegation with the Secretary General Tommy Boustedt, Peter Forsberg and SHL’s president and sporting director, Jörgen Lindgren and John Hemlin in New York. Yesterday they had a meeting with the NHL’s vice president Bill Daly. One thing that was raised was the Swedish players who are being considered for the Junior World Championships.
It was Bill Daly who sent the request to the clubs to release players for the Junior World Championships.
This afternoon had Peter Forsberg responses from Toronto. They said they have no plans to move up William in the NHL. That their plan is for him to play in the AHL and then he is also available for the JVM (the tournament). They just wanted to look at some things and come back. I do not see this as a problem, says Peter Forsberg.

Forsberg also goes on to mention that Nylander wants to play for Sweden, so he has no worries there. He expects to get confirmation from NHL clubs on players’ availability in the next week or so.

Junior crown coach Rikard Grönborg have talked with William Nylander: “Willie” has clearly said he wants to play for the Toronto release him, no doubt. We had a good talk and from our side we naturally want to be with him, saying Grönborg…
When would you like to have a definitive answer from NHL clubs?
Yes, we have not set a date, but a week before the team collected sounds reasonable, so around 7 or 8 December, says Peter Forsberg.

For those wondering, Sweden will play Canada in the last game of the round-robin on New Year’s Eve. Could be a fun one, especially for Leafs fans.

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  • Benjamin

    I was pretty anti-WJC for Nylander, didn’t think he’d have much to learn, but I’m coming around.

    It’d be awesome to see him and Marner go head-to-head for top forward at the tourney. Plus, the Marlies could use a little adversity. Playing without their #1 C for a few weeks will give other kids a chance to step up.

    • Benjamin

      Top forward in the tourney? Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to be aware that there are other players in this tourney that are also pretty good, Marner is 4th in scoring at the OHL level not runaway first.

      • Benjamin

        I am aware that the world junior hockey championships features some pretty good junior hockey players.

        But really, look at Team Canada’s forwards and tell me who you have higher expectations for (other than maybe Strome).

        I think that competing for the scoring title and first team All Star accolades is the benchmark for a good tournament from these two. Anything less would frankly be disappointing, especially for Nylander.