BozFeed: 13 Rejected Leafs Jersey Designs


Awwwwww snap! It’s back. After hearing for like four people that they missed Bozfeed, it’s officially had the moth balls dusted off it, and is back in action. 

Just in time too. The Leafs haven’t played in a week and we’ve got the important business of figuring out what the new logo and jerseys for Toronto are going to look like. 

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We’ve found a few suggestions, but I’m not sure if it would be good if the Leafs used them.

Our first re-design submission comes from your uncle that somehow got a hold of your email address and forwards you the same joke every October and April like clockwork. The subject line on the submission was FWD: FWD: FWD: PLAN THE PARAID :)))))))))


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The next submission comes from a thoughtful young man by the name of Robert Cappucino. Rather than tear down, he wishes to inspire:

“the leafs need to get bernier going again. putting his idol on the jersey is a way to do that”


Of course, they could also try to demotivate their players so they can break them down and build them back up.


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Since the centennial season is about celebrating history, perhaps there should be a jersey that celebrates one of the few positive moments the Leafs have had in the past decade. Ryan Fancey suggested…


If you want to avoid the inevitable Drake jersey it is too late…

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If the team is interested in building a brand into their logo, nothing says “we’re owned by phone giants” like a giant ass phone.


Of course that jersey needs an equally good road jersey…


Our own Jeff Veillette offered up a couple of re-designs yesterday. One embracing the virtue of branding and the new partnership with Adidas. The other giving design giving Leafs fans something they can truly cheer for.

Seems like a blazing nice team should have a blazing nice jersey. Good chance the Leafs move higher in the standings wearing these which are entirely made of hemp.


The Maple Leafs name is derived from the Canadian Military and given the current state of the Leafs I can’t think of a better time to start honouring the military history of the team again.


Core jerseys are nice, but so are really fun third jerseys. Ideally it should be targeted at a youthful audience, and incorporate an iconic figure of the organization. When you think youthful there really is one name that comes to mind, and he’s also the longest serving Leaf, so check mark next to iconic too…


Out of respect we’ll give the final word on re-design to our handsome Site Manager…


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