Rich Clune recalled from Marlies to Leafs

The big boys club announced a transfer from the little club-  as the Leafs announced today the recalling of Rich Clune from the Toronto Marlies.

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Clune’s yet to really make a mark on the Leafs yet this year- playing in just two games- but he’s had one of his better professional seasons at the AHL level- putting up five goals and seven assists through 22 games with the Marlies.

It’s yet to be announced whether Clune will be in the lineup for the Leafs’ game tomorrow night against the Colorado Avalanche.

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  • Gary Empey

    desperate times call for desperate measures. better him than a prospect or guy who could be picked up on waivers… spaling wasn’t doing much so he won’t be missed that much… sucks for him though. leafs are really feeling the injury bug right now.

  • Gary Empey

    Great move here by Dubas and Lou.

    Clune is just what the leafs need. They are missing some toughness as you could see Kadri getting rag dolled by the Kings. Clune adds much needed grit and sandpaper to ensure the leafs are not rolled over by big teams

    • Jeremy Ian

      Grit, sandpaper, all that great stuff from Carlyle’s poetic imagination. Let’s be realistic: Clune will play minimal minutes because he commits more penalties than Kadri can draw them. That’s the only way the two are connected.

      What Babcock has done is nothing short of a miracle.

      But I agree, it’s a good move to leave the prospects alone and protect the waiver-exposed.

      • Gary Empey

        I love how everyone spins narratives and strawmans to excuse management when however it is clear why a player like clune was signed and brought up. Just call a spade a spade