TLN Monday Mailbag: December 21st


This intro paragraph is for sale.

No, but seriously, I’ve got nothing this week. I don’t most other weeks earlier, but this is dire. Let’s just jump straight into your questions!


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Sorry. But seriously, read on.

@SeanTierneyTSS asked: Who is the single most untouchable Leafs player? Just one.

Out of players that are curerently on the roster, Morgan Rielly is easily the most untouchable. Despite playing on a trash heap of a team, he’s improved offensively, defensively, has continued to thrive even as he’s been used in tougher minutes, and is still just 21 years old. He’s already starting to approach the upper tier of NHL defencemen and will be a cornerstone of this roster for years to come. It would take a stupidly gigantic return to move on from that.

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@__Pete__33 asked: Is Morgan Rielly the next Luke Schenn?

Not even close. Luke Schenn was a fun story in his rookie year because he was “NHL ready” and able to make the team in his first camp, but is a great example of why you don’t use a top draft pick on a player who dominates junior on a physical level. Once he took on men, he looked dependable, which is awesome when you’re 18-19, but Schenn is 26 now and is still almost the exact same player he was in his draft year. Rielly’s game is more relevant to the entire length of the ice, and at 21, he’s significantly more valuable to his team than Schenn at 26.

If anything, the only thing that makes him the next Luke Schenn is that he has a group of people crossing their fingers that he’ll be the next Captain.

@40BaySt asked: Come trade deadline day, what should the leafs do with each of their goalies? Trade? Keep?

One would imagine that the team will at least explore the possibility of moving both of them. If there’s a sense of priority and they only decide to move one at first, I imagine it’ll come down to what James Reimer requests for his next contract; if it seems out of line, they’ll move him first, if not, they’ll look towards Bernier. The latter would likely be moved for any offer that doesn’t see them take a player with more term or equal term and higher salary, while they’d likely hope for a decent draft pick out of Reimer.

@okiedokielike asked: Out of the current Leafs roster, who do you think would make the best gm and coach, and why?

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There doesn’t really seem to be much of a barrier to entry as far as becoming a GM; really, a lot of former players get in without much formal experience, based off of their general understanding of the game and their connections in the game. For this reason, I nominate Joffrey Lupul; everyone seems to like him and the trades he’s been in through the years have give him connections in many markets, though 70% of those connections happen to be Chris Pronger.

As for the coach, positionally sound, systems-strict defencemen tend to transition into being the best coaches, so I’m going to go with Frank Corrado. He’s probably learned a lot from the coaching staff during his stretch of exile.

@AshonIce asked: Are these the last mailbags of 2015?

Yes, because next week will be “Looking Back: The Top 20 Mailbags of 2015 (You Have To Read #7!)”.

Nah, we still have another coming next Monday. Arm yourself with more questions!

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    • Gary Empey

      No. It becomes a cold Shwarma. If you were smart enough to put some hot sauce on it you won’t notice the difference.

      PS. Instead of wasting your precious time on making hockey videos you should be doing research on:…. ” Global Shwarming “

  • BollockingHell

    I’ll offer you $3 for the introductory paragraph, on the following conditions

    1. I can use to for my own personal propaganda about a variety of topics

    2. The $3 will be in a currency of my choice

      • Gary Empey

        Jeff, I would take that offer because Gary is thinking you may get an other offer that you can afford to wait, but the old saying is true about this one you got——-. Really that paragraph ain’t that good.

  • Gary Empey

    Jeff, you talk about the Leafs being a “trash heap” of a team, but this trash heap would also be in the playoff hunt if they had gotten descent goal tending this season. At present Pittsburgh with 2 super stars is at 2.3 goals per game scored and this “trash heap” is at 2.6 goals per game scored. I know not earth shattering but not trash either and the team has some real serviceable pieces. Just sayin.