LFR9 – Game 32 – To Infinity & Beyond – Tor 7, Col 4

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.24.22 PM

Leo Komarov lights it up, Tyler Bozak lights it up even brighter, and Bernier has won back-to-back games.

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  • Justin.PI

    It is difficult to determine a price for Komarov that would be fine for Toronto, other than “a massive overpayment”. There aren’t a lot of NHL teams that could use Komarov in a net-crashing first or second line role, resulting in offers being those given to a 3rd or 4th liner.

    Or rather, I am certain that teams do not want to take a similar risk with Komarov that the Leafs did with Clarkson.

    Remains to be seen what the front office will do with him.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Yeah, I agree with you Steve. He’s great — all around. But this team’s no contender for a few more years. Leo’s not going to be able to keep this up.

    But what both Komarov and Bozak teach us is the value of good coaching, even if it’s for pumping the value of your tradable assets.

  • Gary Empey

    I doubt a contender is going to pick him up for the first or second liner. He will be a middle six player, probably third line (think Dallas or Anaheim type roster) and penalty killer. Maybe secondary PP.