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When we first launched back in 2007 we intended on watching the Oilers return to the Cup Finals for the 2nd time in 3 years and become a perennial powerhouse of hockey. A model of consistency. A team studied by Coaches for a generation to come for “how to build a winning franchise.” 

So when it became clear THAT wasn’t happening we started launching other team sites in 2009 starting with When that didn’t collapse or have a denial of service attack we started putting more and more sites out there creating 5 sites, partnering on 1 and buying 3 sites outright bringing the total to 9.

And today marks the 10th site in the Nation Network launching –

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“How can we move into our first US team site that we launch ourselves?” went the debate at Nation HQ. “We don’t know nothing bout no USA teams, it’s a totally different ball of cheese than making a or something.” “What language do American’s speak anyways? Can we make ourselves understood?”


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So we picked a franchise that is actually doing what we prayed the Oilers would do so long ago. A team with an expectation of winning season after season. Players that want to be there despite the City having some lifestyle challenges. A team that will be in the playoffs year after year so we can learn about how to write playoff content. And somewhere we already see some traffic to the Network – 960,000 Michigan visitors a year and climbing in 2015.

WingsNation is a place for Red Wings fans all around the world to congregate to congratulate themselves on picking a great horse in the NHL race. It’s a place to speculate on things like “how many more wins until we are guaranteed home ice advantage?” or “will Zetterberg play until he is 70?” 

Damn Detroit. Playoffs 24 years in a row and 28 of the last 30 years. Thank the Hockey Gods the Oilers haven’t kept pace or your ol’ pal Wanye would be living in an iron lung right now with liver transplants occurring twice a week because I would have celebrated so much.

Bullet dodged amirite? 

*rubs eyes sadly*


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It’s also a place for the fans of the other teams on the Nation Network to go talk to Wings fans. Or “troll” if you prefer. “Good job on all the consistent playoff appearances you JACKASS” might be a good place to start. 

Or perhaps “it’s really annoying how all your stars take hometown discounts to keep the team together year after year IDIOTS.” Or finally “while my Coach and GM are morons yours are clearly on the ball. Even losing Babcock to the Leafs hasn’t slowed you down. You must be so annoyed at having nothing to be mad about. CLOWN!”

Oh we will get them good. You’ll see. You’ll all see.

(insert menacing music here)


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We have stocked the proverbial writer shelf with some great names that you may already know from different Nation Network sites. Writers you already know like Monica McAlister and George Malik will be staples on the site, and we’ll also introduce you to other writers that you may not know just yet. We look forward to adding to that talented team in the months to come and ruining workplace productivity for fans of the Wings like we have for a handful of fan bases now.

Let the good times roll!

I’ll get out of the way now and let the real writers take things from here. Follow us on Instagram here and Twitter here. If you use other social media to entertain yourself on the toilet keep that to yourself. 

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That’s gross.

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  • Gary Empey

    Wings are in rapid decline. That fact that Nation Network launching tells the tale. How long can Babcock’s coaching effect last?

    Still it is nice to see a new member in the Nation Network.

  • D

    Dear Detroit,

    1. Welcome to the Nation Network.

    2. Congratulations on having the model franchise for over two decades.

    3. Please note that the Detroit Red Wings have never beaten the Edmonton Oilers in the playoffs.

  • Burnward

    I admire the wings as a model franchise. I follow Ansar Khan, a Wings beat writer, on Twitter to keep an eye in how the franchise is run.

    There are many lessons applicable from that franchise that could help the Oilers and I include a lot of them in my posts here.

    I hope one day, the Nation can extend across the NHL. Once we see a Panthers Nation, you’ll have done the impossible.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Welcome to the family, Wingers!

    Please ignore the spats between Oilers and Flames fans – we’re like those roommates that hate each other’s guts, but can’t leave because we’re dependent on each other to pay the rent.

  • cgyokgn

    Welcome Wings fan! Ever since I watched the Wings beat the Flames in a playoff round a number of years ago, I’ve been a big fan of the Wings… truly. I was in awe of the way they moved the puck and controlled the game. They’ve been such a model franchise for so long and I wish them continued success.

  • Gary Empey

    If any of the out of town/international Wings fans need a hot link to steaming games, here is one that I have used for years. It would be wise to run an ad blocker if you don’t already.

    PS If you need some help with your spelling, English composition, or grammar just drop over to Leaf’s Nation ask for Justin( He’s the only one who finished grade six).

  • vetinari

    Wingsnation. You sound like an advertisement for feminine hygiene products. Welcome aboard.

    Flamesnation. I hate you cattle-chasing, latte-sucking pretentious inbred crotch-hats. See you in h€ll. Bring sun screen.

    • Burnward

      Does it burn like the accumulated fire of three failed and eventually scorched rebuilds?

      Or the compressed hot air of a generation of fans who never witnessed, yet tout past Cup victories?

      Or like the parsed splinters of rage and envy you exude when looking at every other team in the NHL because they aren’t the sad sack Oil?

      One thing it can’t be is the fire to succeed. Those pretty boys ain’t got it.

  • Gary Empey

    I have to admit that I only glossed over this wingsrockcity article. But I still fondly remember the days when the Oilers literally owned the Wings. The Wings used to have a GM by the name of Devellano. Those were the good ole days. They did have tough guy Bob Probert but the Oilers beat up the Wings on the scoreboard regularly. Things work in circles. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are in decline and not even the masterful Ken Holland will be able to bring back those dominant Wings-era days without a trifle of mediocrity a la Edmonton Oilers.