TLN Monday Mailbobby: January 25th


It me, Bobby Cappucino taking over the mailbag from Jeffler because TLN overlord Justin Fisher is tired of Jeff’s BS (bad stuff). 

As such, I asked for questions on Twitter for the first ever #Mailbobby and here are the questions I got. There are some good ones and some bad ones, but I answer them all with gusto and conviction. And if I know one thing from worshipping the MSM – that’s all that really matters.

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@__Pete__33 asked: if the leafs miss out on a top5 pick do they fire Babcock?

Hi Pete, thanks for the great question. This organization’s goals are long-term, and it is in the best interest of the team long-term to get as many high picks as possible. Doing some math, it seems like Babcock would be solely to blame for the team missing out on a top-five pick, as there is not nearly enough talent on the Leafs for it to be the fault of the players. But you can never be too sure. 

With that in mind, not only would I fire Babcock if the Leafs don’t get a top 5 pick, but I’d try to find even worse players and sign them as long as possible. If there’s one way to find success, it is drafting top 3 every year. In fact, with how smart Leafs management claims to be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them attempt to be bad for many years in a row. Seems like a market inefficiency they can exploit. The best way to get good is to be bad, so if they are bad for a really long time, they’ll be good for an even longer amount of time. 

@cameron_rennie asked: Who would you prefer. Puljujarvi, Laine or Tkachuk?

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Cameron asked this in another thread on Twitter, but I’m going to include it anyways. 

I’d be okay with any of them, but if I had to choose, I’d choose Laine. To my very well-trained eye, he offers the most of what the Leafs currently don’t have, and don’t look like they have in the system. Not only can he score, but his size and physicality would be a great complement to Nylander. I’ve seen Corey Perry comparisons made for Laine, and as much as I hate Perry when he’s on another team, I’d love to have a Perry on the Leafs. 

That all said, getting any of those three in the draft would mean the Leafs are picking top 5 and would give them a piece needed for long-term success.

@JDylanBurke asked: hi, bobby. have you listened to purple reign and is it really good?

Heck yes I have and heck yes it is. Beyond its musical quality, it should be used as inspiration for a sports franchise like the Leafs. Future has released five legendary projects in a row by putting in hard work and constantly striving for better. That’s a mentality that Mike Babcock would love. In fact, I may put together a 30-for-30 style documentary on Future’s success and send it to the Leafs as inspiration. Thank you for the question and idea. 

@ScottMPP60 asked: I had a dream last night that the Leafs got Weber and Josi. Is that an omen?

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I’m having less of an issue deciding if it’s an omen and more of one deciding if it is a good or bad omen. 

@Franz_NHL asked two questions: Who will wear 91 next year for Vancouver, McCann or Stamkos?; Looking at the Canucks March schedule, how likely is it that they lose every game?

First off, Franz seems confused about what site this mailbag was for. That’s okay, I am still able to comment on both of these.

Stamkos will not be wearing 91 for Vancouver next year. Why would he go to a team that drafted Jake Virtanen over William Nylander?

And the Canucks will probably lose a lot, but will get out-lossed by a Leafs team that has traded all of their NHLers for worse NHLers and draft picks. It’s also worth noting that Vancouver doesn’t deserve a franchise player to build around when they’ve had two for two decades and have treated them like [poop emoji]. 

@ShawnReis asked: what is the worst superpower to have?

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Being exceptionally good looking. Trust me, it’s a real drag. 

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  • SEER

    Well… I was very moved to see the ceremony for Horton, Keon & Broda, on Saturday night… It is about time, that these guys were acknowledged, but even more so.., that the Keon Curse has final;ly been lifted..

    I had an older montage done for Horton, but it got muted.., so I did a better one on the weekend..and added some more clips.. Hope you enjoy the flashback…

    Tim Horton/
    Defense/ — shoots R/
    Born Jan 12 1930/ — Cochrane, ONT./
    86 yrs. ago/
    Height 5.10/ — Weight 180 ………………………….


    1445 games.. 115 goals… 403 assists… 518 points…. +81
    …and 4 Stanley Cups… ………………

    Getting It Done: Tim Horton Legends Row Tribute – NHL 1949-1974


    Wild Horses: Dave Keon Tribute – NHL 1960-1982


    …and I’ll eventually get one done for Broda.., too.. : )

  • SEER

    If we continue to sick for another 10 years we could probably set some futility record. If nothing else we can be as bad as Edmonton has been at combining high draft picks with some pretty questionable nhl players.