We Ranked All of the Maple Leafs Logos, Past and Present

Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs will reveal their newest logo in the fifth episode of their The Leaf: Blueprint documentary series. We already have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like, but before we see the official logo, let’s take a look at all of the blue and white (and sometimes green) Maple Leafs logos of years past. And because this is the internet, let’s rank them… because that’s what we do, right?

According to SportsLogos.net, the Leafs have used eight primary logos throughout their 99-year history, with what I’d call four truly unique designs and four more that were slight variations of others. While the Leafs have actually used far more variations in jerseys and merchandise, we’re going to stick to ranking the eight core logos. Contributing to this vote was Jeff Veillette, Jon Steitzer, Shawn Reis and myself. While it’s fair to question Jeff’s sense of style, I assure you these rankings are extremely correct. Let’s get started…

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#8 – The 1926/1927 Original Green Leaf


Did you know the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t always wear blue and white? Their first jerseys, in fact, were white sweaters with a green, very leafy logo. Of all the logos on this list, the Green Leaf stuck around for the least amount of time – after a single season, the logo was switched to blue, and the rest is history. 

#7 – The 1970/1971 Modern Leaf


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The earliest incarnation of today’s Leafs logo, the 1970/1971 11-point leaf featured sharper lines than had ever been seen before. That said, it looked disproportionate in a number of areas and featured an abnormally skinny stem. Somehow, it stuck around for 11 years. The 70’s were a weird time, man.

#6 – The 1927/1928 Original Blue Leaf


It’s the first ever blue Toronto Maple Leaf. Too bad it featured a 48-point leaf that was ugly as sin. This iteration stuck around for ten years, making way for one of our most favourite designs.

#5 – The 1982/1983 Modern Leaf


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It looks like Toronto’s current logo, but in a lighter shade of blue, and a major improvement over the 1970-1971 logo that looked unequal and unbalanced. 

#4 – The 1987/1988 Modern Leaf

(The Current One)


This is probably the Leaf you grew up with. Which means you’ve only ever known pain and heartbreak as a Toronto fan. We’re so sorry. Just a few more months until we can put this guy behind us for good.

#3 – The 1963/1964 35-Point Leaf


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A classic. So good, it was brought back for the Leafs’ alternate jerseys between 2000 and 2011, and those jerseys appeared to sell like hotcakes. Too bad the ‘Toronto’ was so badly misaligned. Good effort, graphic designers in the early 1960’s!

#2 – The 1938/1939 Original 35-Point Leaf


A classic of a classic. Not much changed between the 1938 and 1963 logos besides a double-outline around the whole leaf. The new logo to be released tomorrow night looks most like a modern variation of this logo, which is excellent.

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#1 – The 1967/1968 Original 11-Point Leaf


Our favourite logo, almost unanimously… Remember what I said about questioning Jeff’s sense of style? It only stuck around for three years, but this leaf was so good the franchise brought it back for the alternate jersey that’s currently in use. It’s a shame this one didn’t have a longer run, and we hope it can stick around for a little while longer on Toronto’s third jersey even after the new logo is revealed. You know, unless MLSE wants to bring back the Toronto Arenas ‘T’, then sign us up. 

All logos courtesy of www.SportsLogos.net

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  • Harte of a Lion

    Whatever others feel about each logo matters not to me as each represents my cherished Maple Leafs!
    For the good, the bad and the ugly, ( there has been plenty of bad to ugly hockey in this town since 1967. I’m talking to you Ron Wilson and is that Carlyle hiding behind Wilson’s pile if stinking resentment?) I am excited and filled with anticipation.

    A new/old/revised logo will represent a new era of winning where The Shanaplan comes to fruition with a parade on Bay St.

    For all the misguided haters and bandwagon jumpers, I have only two words for you… Go Habs! ….Or yuk foo!

    Go Leafs Go!!!

  • Gary Empey

    The ’67 design is very very close to the design of the leaf on the Canadian flag.
    I like simple personally. When I was a kid in the 80s I used to sketch out the Leaf logo on the sides of the my class notebooks.
    The whole thing seems like an unnecessary diversion from the awful product on the ice. The Leafs have one of the nicest uniforms in the league, there is no compelling need to change it, Mr. Shanahan.

  • JB#1

    Personally I’d switch 2 and 3, and 4 and 5, but other than that a good ranking. 1 and 3 are actually a toss-up for me, though I agree the kerning and alignment of the lettering in 2 and 3 is atrocious.

    I really hope 2/3 becomes the primary, while keeping 1 as the alternate. The Toronto Arenas “T” can be a shoulder patch.

  • JB#1

    I’m pretty OK with this list but my personal favourite is #1.

    As all of us in a certain age bracket will remember, the almighty $ meant everything to Ballard and I remember hearing way back in the day that since he couldn’t get a trademark on #1 that was why he changed the logo from #1 to #7.

    Never gave it much thought at the time but I guess if the similarity to the Maple Leaf on the flag was too close, that might explain why no trademark was available for #1.

    The China Wall

  • Canada Cup

    The original 11 point leaf is my favourite too. If you added some of the style of #3 with the white to this shape, I’d be good with that too. The others look ragged and furry, the bottom part of the leaf totally wrong.