TRADE: Reimer to the Sharks for Stalock, Smith, and a 2018 4th

One of the longest serving Leafs is out the door today as James Reimer gets the chance to join a playoff team. There’s a lot to digest with this one, so let’s get to it.

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First, this return doesn’t appear very good at all, especially when you consider the Oilers received a nearly identical return for Anders Nilsson, a struggling goaltender demoted to the AHL. 

Reimer, on the other hand, has been very good this season, and a conditional 4th round pick in the not to distant future seems bizarre. The conditions of the pick are that it turns into a 3rd assuming the Sharks making to the Cup Final. So it’s a 4th.

The rest of the return isn’t stellar either. Stalock is a below average backup goaltender and Ben Smith is as generic as his name. Leafs might as well lend Smith to the Barracudas to make up for Raffi Torres not being available to them.

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Both Stalock and Smith are UFAs at the end of this season, so if they can’t be flipped, they’ll probably just depart on July 1st.

The Leafs also give up Jeremy Morin in this deal, which is essentially just managing the number of contracts.


This isn’t going to be a deal we like. Reimer was a fan favourite, and Bernier is not the goaltender of the future. Neither is Stalock. Though I wouldn’t doubt that Lou is already trying to flip Stalock. 

Unfortunately the goaltender market is terrible and the return on Reimer was always going to be terrible. If Reimer really does want a long term deal, that would pay him like a bona fide NHL starter, there was no point to keeping him, because that would be a kiss of death.

Unfortunately we’ll have to suck this one up and just remember that Toronto fleeced San Jose on the Polak and Spaling deal, so this isn’t the end of the world.

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  • magesticRAGE

    What is this. This was terrible, completely terrible.

    If all the Leafs were going to get is a fourth AND give up Morrin (who should be given more time to evaluate anyways) why didn’t they just not make the trade?

    You’re highly unlikely to even get a guy like Morrin in the fourth round as is so why give up Reimer as well?

    We don’t even get contract room as we took on two. Honestly the best thing was to wait until summer and either resign Reimer or deal his rights. In either case it would have been better than this.

  • CMpuck

    Sparks called up. Lou is a fool. I don’t believe he has anything up his sleeve here. It’s insulting to fans and to Reims. Both deserve better.


  • TGT23

    I guess that’s the going rate for Reimer. Not surprised it feels underwhelming, that’s basically what I’ve felt about Reimer since 2013-14.

    Later James.

  • Gary Empey

    I think it is immoral. It’s fare enough, to sign certain players to ‘show me’ and ‘flip you’ one-year contracts, and get prospects/picks before the trade deadline. That’s not ‘tanking’. Letting Franson and Santorelli go and get overpaid, and replace them with Hunwick and Parenteau, isn’t ‘tanking’.
    Buffalo and Edmonton trading core veterans last year, and Toronto now basically putting their starting goalie on waivers, is tanking, and should be subject to punishment by the League.

    • Gary Empey

      Re- “Toronto now basically putting their starting goalie on waivers, is tanking, and should be subject to punishment by the League.”

      I am against tanking at anytime. Reimer was/is an UfA. He could/can sign anywhere he likes in a few months. With the way Sparks played in his call up the Leafs needed to move one of their two goalies. No one wanted Bernier. I don’t see what other choice the Leafs had.

  • BarelyComments

    I think I can sum this up as


    • GLG

      Leafs had to do this. They couldn’t trade Bernier and his 4 million plus salary and they couldn’t sign Reimer next year for under 4.5 million. The idea of having over 8 million tied up in goaltending with a Reimer/Bernier duo isn’t the future for this franchise. Bernier can play out his contract next season. The Leafs can test drive Toronto Marlies goalies the rest of the this year and next to see if the future is settled between the pipes or if they need to continue to hunt for a number one. This is another example of addition by subtraction. While I’m not sold on Reimer as a number 1 goalie based on his injury record and his inconsistencies as a starter I admire him as a person. I wish him all the best in San Jose.

  • Jeremy Ian

    My first reaction was why bother? But hey, maybe they want Reims to get a crack at some playoff experience, see how he does, and then sign him back in the summer. Otherwise, huh?

  • BarelyComments

    Obviously it sucks to see a good guy go but I don’t mind the trade, adding another pick is worth it and you were never going to get much more than a 4th for an unstable starter in this market. My guess is management wouldn’t have made this move unless they knew Reimer was going to demand a contract they weren’t willing to pay. Stallock and Smith will be gone by the summer but the 4th just adds to the now 28 picks the Leafs have in the next 3 drafts…

  • magesticRAGE

    Ouch, this one hurt. I’m not sure why we got fleeced on this one. Morin is a better prospect than Smith, and Reimer has played like a starting goalie, Stalock hasn’t, and is older. A conditional 4th rounder doesn’t come close to balancing the value.
    Only thing I can think of is, like what was said in shedding a contract, but also garnering more cap space for trading a bigger contract.
    I totally admit, I’m Reimer fan. I hope he shuts the door in Cali, and gives Chicago a run for their money in the final. Then sign back with the Leafs next season, playoff experience rich.

    • Jeremy Ian

      I don’t think we quite got “fleeced.” A 4th — possibly 3rd — rounder is probably all we were going to get. It’s just not very much. I know, I know, more picks, more picks, but we are going to be so bloated with depth picks this is a case of diminishing returns — unless there’s a plan to bundle and trade up; if they do that, I’ll understand the rationale. If not, meh. Mainly sad to see a decent guy go, even if it was a little inevitable.

      The rest is just a wash.

  • Gary Empey

    My fav goalie out the door. That part sucks. The return, that sucks. That he’ll finally be on a goodish hockey team and will maybe see some playoff action, that’s good. He deserves it for the bull and rubber he’s put up with here. I still hope he comes back, a 3 yr deal say at……4 mil, is reasonable. I don’t see him getting more anywhere. I hope he resigns with us, but I doubt it. He was definitely more that, “just okay”!

  • Gary Empey

    Ben Smith
    Right Wing — shoots R
    [27 yrs. ago]
    Height 5.11 — Weight 199

    Drafted by Chicago Blackhawks
    – round 6 #169 overall 2008 NHL Entry Draft

    NHL Totals -(Games -181) -(Goals -25) -(Assists -19) -(44 PIM)

  • BarelyComments

    love the deal

    we have more picks and a better chance in the draft lotto. yeah Optimus was a fan fav but even with such a bad team, dude was not playing well and maybe checked out a little bit? couldnt blame him. imagine signing him and Stamkos july 1? lulz

  • magesticRAGE

    so basically its POLAK, SPALING AND REIMER for 2 second round draft choices, I would think that this deal was in the works since the start of the week. SAN JOSE wanted to look, throw all the goaltenders against a wall and this is what stuck.STALOCK and SMITH were added so maybe SAN JOSE has more room for other trades. Plus the leafs needed a goaltender in return so SPARKS and BIBEAU can stay with the MARLIES.

  • Gary Empey

    Mitch Marner: C/RW: -Season to date: 47 GP | 38 G | 60 A | 98 P | +38

    Dmytro Timashov –Season to date: 48 GP | 20 G | 58 A | 78 P | +26

    Andrew Nielsen:-D—Season to date: 61 GP | 15 G |47 A | 62 P | +28—His big-time shot is a major reason for his offensive success this season.

    Travis Dermott: D–Season to date: 42 GP | 4 G | 34 A | 38 P | +30

    Andreas Johnson: LW -Season to date: 47 GP | 19 G | 22 A | 41 P | +7

    Jeremy Bracco: RW:- Season to date: 41 GP | 18 G | 37 A | 55 P | +17

  • TGT23

    Lou is a genius. Amazing managing imo.

    Sparks and the other guy can move up now.

    Thank you Lou for deciding to come to our God foresaken Team and city. The city will most likely fall apart but at least the Leafs will be a contender again.

    Until then I shall also cheer for the Panthers, Blue Jackets, Hurricanes, Sabres, and Predators.

  • Gary Empey

    Pick for reims, two bodies for the final tank that keeps the marlies together. Keeps sparks and biebs in net and a leivo or lipstick on a winning team.

    Fingers crossed he goes winnik!

  • Gary Empey

    kill me. bernier is still here…. why?! i hope he’s gone by the summer. i can’t stomach watching him anymore. let him win us matthews and then get rid of him.

  • TGT23

    Truly a class act who at times was brilliant and mediocre other times and on occasion brutal. But a team guy who always had the smile. Injuries set him back. But it shows that N.H.L. goalies are a dime a dozen unless you are in the elite top 10. So don’t ever expect to get a lot for an average goalie.

    But this is a good move as the tank is hitting full throttle tonight as was proven by their non appearance against Montreal tonight. Oh sure it is painful to watch after you view a thrilling Raptor win with Kyle Lowry pouring in 43 points to beat King James.

    But this is the price to pay and guess what it will be as bad next year and perhaps the year after. It is the only way to build this team from the basement floor foundation to eventually the penthouse.

    We only have to look at the Hawks, Penguins and Kings to see how this is the way with the key being that two or three of the high picks indeed truly work out.


  • TGT23

    I actually think this was a very good move for Reimer.We will now see what he can do with an actual team in front of him.

    Donvino I am not saying that this will happen but if a couple of these players in the minors can’t make the transgression to the NHL we may be in trouble again.We’ll see how you feel about Lou at that time.