Leafs Assign Colin Greening to the Marlies

It’s a minor move that could set the table for something bigger over the next 24ish hours; the Toronto Maple Leafs have sent Colin Greening to the AHL.

In eight games with Toronto since arriving from Ottawa in the Dion Phaneuf trade, Greening has scored a goal and added two assists. Those certainly aren’t eye-popping numbers, but his even strength 62.5 CF% rating tells us he’s consistently pushing the play in the proper direction. 

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So why the demotion? There are a couple possible reasons…

Obviously, at this point in the season, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘trade’. It’s possible that Toronto is getting proactive and clearing an NHL roster spot in anticipation of a deal they’ll be making later today or before tomorrow’s trade deadline. This is a particularly exciting scenario since it means the Leafs might actually be bringing in an NHL-quality player. Haha, just kidding!

Another possible reason, and probably the most likely one, is that Toronto wants Colin Greening to be eligible for the AHL playoffs. A reminder from Chris Johnston…

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It wouldn’t be farfetched to believe that Greening will actually be recalled and back in the lineup tomorrow evening against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

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  • BarelyComments

    Justin, I’m not certain the exact rules regarding players who spent the majority of the season with the Marlies. Players like Leivo, Arcobello, Percy, Leipsic and Sparks who were called up as injury replacements for the most part need to be on the roster to qualify for the post season? Even if the Leafs are planning to keep them all for the remainder of the season, it would be a great option for the Marlies to have.

    Might there be more trades being discussed that include prospects like Percy or Leivo? Perhaps they have offered a package of Leivo, Percy, Arcobello and a 2nd for Drouin and Matt Carle…now kids, Don’t $hit on me, I’m sure that offer isn’t close but Yzerman could fill his lineup with cheap non rental, decent players while ditching an albatross of a player and his contract. If there is a GM who could trade Matt Carle and his 5M per year contract (until June 2018) for assets, it’s Lou. Have Babcock resurrect him next year and make his value soar and worst case, he can fill in as “Carle”ton the Bear at Marlies games

    With 12 picks + for the upcoming draft I can’t see them acquiring more picks for June 2016. It’s great having so many options when it comes to any reminding transactions made before tomorrow 3 pm.

    1. Try and aquire better picks in future drafts 2017 or 18… A 2018 2nd might be easier to get than a 2016 3rd.

    2. Trade for existing prospects like Leipsic, Morin, C. Smith, Lindberg, rather than draftpicks. It’s a shame Morin didn’t work out however Colin Smith looked dynamite yesterday.

    3. Package some of those picks to either move up in the draft or to aquired a young roster player/prospect that they really want like Tobias Lindgren in the Phaneuf trade. Playing with Soshnikov and Freddy the Goat, he has looked dominant on the boards/corners plus he seems to have a well rounded 200 ft game.

    If they do acquire more picks for 2016, I’m 100% certain they will draft a goalie and pick a few players out of left field (aka Dzierkals) from places we have never herd of… Quick, open google maps…I can’t wait to see what gems Ari Vuori and Thommie Bergman have uncovered for us this year.

  • BarelyComments

    I expected absolute garbage when we acquired him but he’s not bad at all. he’s noticeable on the PP as the big body in front. gets to the forecheck, disrupts traffic, good defensively, even chips in some points and honestly way better than spaling. I like him as a decent bottom 6 guy.

  • BarelyComments

    This seems odd, is it possible they are sending him down for good? the Leafs can only have 4 players on their roster after the trade deadline who will also be eligible for the calder playoffs, currently they already have 4 who i’d assume they would want in Leivo, Leipsic, Percy and Sparks, not to mention they reportedly want Nylander up after the deadline, why would they waste one of these movements on Greening?

  • Gary Empey

    The Marlies Box Score from yesterday’s 10–5 game.

    1. TOR Brennan, (21) (Holl, Clune), 2:52

    1. TOR Nylander, (18) (Kapanen), 11:38

    2. TOR Smith, (14) (Brennan, Holl), 0:32

    2. TOR Loov, (2) (Findlay, Brennan), 2:42

    2. TOR Frattin, (10) (Carrick), 10:02

    2. TOR Carrick, (7) (Smith, Brennan), 17:26

    3. TOR Smith, (15) (Frattin, Loov), 3:13

    3. TOR Brennan, (22) (Brown, Nylander), 4:35 (PP)

    3. TOR Loov, (3) (Soshnikov, Smith), 17:36 (EN)

    3. TOR Findlay, (5) (Soshnikov), 18:53