TLN Report Card: April 1, 2016


You fine folks have been doing a wonderful job of giving your Toronto Maple Leafs big thumbs up (and down) since we rolled out the TLN Report Card, but I want to make sure you’re all healthy and practice safe thumb judgement. Here’s a quick exercise for your fingers – gimme three sets of ten before moving on.


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Alright, let’s do this.

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  • Gary Empey

    Brown doesn’t even make the list! 6 points in 7 games, a game tying heroic goal, one of the best players on the ice in the games he got to play and not even a mention!!!

    We here at the CBAA (Connor Brown Anti-Defammation Association) vigorously oppose this poll and your continued slight of our young hero!

    Back me up co-chair Gary Empty!

    P.S. the April fools article almost gave me a heart attack this morning! Shame on you!

    • TGT23

      I’m a little confused with the fine. Specifically, I don’t understand the fine for the CLG game. He was clearly slashed in both legs. He embellished, I grant you, but that’s not a dive.

      I also don’t understand how the embellishment gets a fine but the actions leading and preceding it don’t.

      • I think embellishment=diving.

        But in what sane world is it OK for two guys to simultaneously slash someone in both anckles with sticks and not get a fine, but the guy who got assaulted does get a fine for not reacting properly to being assaulted?

        It’s like we live in Bizarro world!

        • TGT23

          Yeah, I guess.

          To me; embellishment is overacting/selling something that did happen whereas diving is making it look like something happened that didn’t.

          Like… what soccer players do is diving, what Naz did was embellishing.

          But, I suppose that’s splitting hairs.

        • TGT23

          See, to me diving is making it seem like something happened when nothing did… like falling trying to sell a trip when no one had a stick near your skates. Whereas embellishing is… throwing your stick to the ceiling trying to sell when someone actually trips you.

          Shades of the same thing but slightly different. At least in my books. But, again, splitting hairs.

  • MatsSundin#13

    I know Granite-Grabner has hands of stone, but why all the hate?? He can skate like the wind and just has awful luck as well – leads the league in shorthanded breakaways I would imagine.

  • TGT23

    Justin I’m extremely perturbed with your ranking Wrasslemania last. We are talking theatre, ballet and drama here young man. It is table, chairs , ladders or an old fashion Broad Street bully game of the 1970’s.

    Years ago I had a debate with Brian Burke out here in God’s country. I pointed out to him that the W.W.E. card had out drawn the Canuckleheads by several thousand. Burkie replied yeah but our sport is real. I replied that the W.W.E. was at least entertaining compared to his hockey club.

    Quite frankly when I look back at Ballard, Eddie Clear the Track Shack, Stravos, a countless list of hopeless coaches, M.L.S.E., Uncle Ted, Larry and Bell over the years, I think I have been watching the W.W.E. rather than a hockey club in the past 50 years.

    Once again great April fools joke.

    Speaking of fools, those Canuckleheads go down to California and win two in a row just when they were in the top four running for Matthews and the Fins.

    You really wonder why the Canuckleheads have never won a Stanley cup.