Nazem Kadri Suspended For Four Games (Rest of Season)

When Kadri crosschecked Luke Glendening in a retaliatory act on Saturday night there was a good chance he was going to be looking at a suspension. Kadri being a repeat offender certainly seemed to guarantee it wouldn’t be a short suspension either. Now we officially know the damage…

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This was 100% suspension worthy, and the fact that Kadri makes contact with the head should probably leave us feeling lucky that Nazem will be available when the 2016-17 season opens up. This hit does lead to two interesting questions.

1. Is Kadri a dirty player?

Yes. Yes, he is.

It’s okay though. I mean, no one wants to see him head hunting with a stick, but the fact that he’s a talented player who annoys the opposition, tests the limits, draws penalties through embellishment is only a good thing. Most successful teams have this kind of player on the roster, and having one who can play in your top six has been particularly beneficial to teams like Montreal (Gallagher), Boston (Marchand), and Anaheim (Perry). 

Kadri and Komarov, with Soshnikov and Leipsic on the way, are going to make the Leafs a very tough team to play in the future, and as long as the head shots disappear from the equation or really any intent to injury, I have to say I’ve been quite excited about the player that Kadri has become.

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2. How will this impact the tank?

We already know the answer to this. No Kadri for the rest of the season and one less legitimate top six forward certainly helps the tank a lot. The fact that the Leafs recalled Rich Clune to take Nazem’s roster spot while he takes a forced four game unpaid vacation is an even greater commitment to making sure the Leafs don’t climb in the standings. This is perhaps the last, best shot at going for 30th overall in the standings, but at the very least the Leafs shouldn’t climb out of 29th overall.

In Closing…

No one likes to see someone get hurt and ticket holders for the remaining two home games are probably a little upset, but this was the right call suspension-wise and something that benefits the Leafs. I’m not sure if this is win-win, or just that nothing really matters at this point in the season.

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  • TGT23

    Yeah, that was a dumb and dirty play by Kadri, he deserves the suspension. It’s nice to have a feisty guy on your team but he clearly loses his mind here.

    This could hurt his contract negotiations. Does Lou/Babcock want a guy who’s going to fly off the handle in the Leafs top 6?

    • Meathead25

      I think a certain amount of crazy is a good thing, and I can’t blame Naz for losing his temper when I know I would have done EXACTLY the same thing. We shall see what the fallout is, but I certainly think he’ll be back.

    • Meathead25

      If Kadri doesn’t come back, who can replace him? Probably no one, which is why he will be back.

      But we know Roy isn’t too pleased with Duchene, is there any chance a Kadri + + trade could land Duchene, where the + + while obviously significant, wasn’t too disruptive to the rebuild?

          • Harte of a Lion

            Kadri + Gardiner + Kapanen + Washingtons 2nd for Duchene and Colorado’s 1st`. Colorado might even want someone like Laich, who is a character guy. Roy seems to feel the room is lacking character work ethics and professionalism.
            Zaitsev should help the D with the loss of Gardiner. Bozak slots into 2nd C if we luck out with the lottery so Willie can have protected minutes sliding into the 3 slot.

            We need to move some bodies and I’m certain the Leafs would rather have a player Hunter chooses with Pittsburgh’s 1st than one cut loose by Pittsburgh.

            That is the benefit of building a strong stable of talented youngsters. You have assets to offer when opportunities knock… See The Islanders and Leddy/Boychuk

            With Colorados 1st and Pittsburghs 1st, we could possibly trade up into the top 10 grabbing another centre like Pierre-Luc Dubois or a d-man like Olli Juolevi, Chychrun or Mikhail Sergachev. Mathews and SergachevJuolevi/Chychrun would be a wonderful way to begin the draft.

          • Harte of a Lion

            Would you trade Kadri and Gardiner for Duchene and Juolevi, Sergachev or Chychrun?

            The rest are just throw-ins to make it work. Kapanen might turn out to be a decent player but he hasn’t shown the determination it takes to succeed at the pro level. Sports success is 70% mental 20% talent and 10% physical. The most talented athlete in the world cannot succeed without the mental make up to deal with the ups and downs of sports.

          • TGT23

            I don’t want to trade Kapanen. Your opinion that he “hasn’t shown the determination it takes to succeed” is the armchair GM nonesense that is meaningless. You don’t know. You’re making things up. You aren’t in the room.

            And, again, no way if Roy dislikes Duchene for celebrating his 30th goal he’ll want a guy like Nazem. Be realistic.

        • BarelyComments

          I think if you dropped Pitt’s 1st I’d be reluctantly OK with that trade. And I think Colorado might too, we know they like Gardiner and need defense.

          If we could throw a ton of money at Yandle on a short term deal that expires before we have to start paying the kids big bucks, then I’d be totally fine with it.

      • Benjamin

        You’re pretty spot on here, though if the Avs are moving Duchene I’m sure their priority is a D.

        When did the Leafs fans start hating players with a little grease? Guess the Gilmour days are over huh?

  • Harte of a Lion

    After reading those “mayo boy” comments from Campbell, this more and more looks like the league is being racists against Kadri. I know it is taboo topic but “old boys” club is driving this.

  • TGT23


    Not sure I care as much as others will, nor do I think it means as much about Kadri as others will, but I like that he stood up for himself… Not as happy with HOW, but I won’t condemn him as much as others undoubtedly will.

    This is avoidable had the refs not got their pride wounded by Kadri getting recognition for getting calls and let the other team brutalize him as punishment.

  • CMpuck

    From his perspective, he was scapegoated by Wilson (to which even I agree), held down by Carlyle (debatable but see his point), Nonis gave him a shake down during his RFA negotiations to the point of him holding out till training camp coming off a career year and Shanny suspended him.

    Given the timing of Kadri putting on a daily side show going into the season end, I wonder if he wants out of Toronto and is alienating himself from this management group that took issue with his character issues last year.

    We can debate whether or not it’s an issue, I don’t really mind that he cross checked someone but I don’t think this is the kind of talent this management group is looking to invest long term in. Kadri also sounds completely over it in interviews. I see him getting dealt this off season, don’t think either party is happy in this relationship.

  • TGT23

    Obviously Kadri has to control himself here and deserves the suspension.

    On the other hand, I can see why he’s frustrated. The embellishment fine he got shows that the league has messed up priorities. Sure, when he was slashed, he may have exaggerated and the league doesn’t want hockey to turn into soccer.

    But the difference between this and soccer is that in soccer, it’s hard to tell whether someone got hurt on a slide tackle. In the game against Calgary, it’s clear that two players hacked at the unpadded back of Kadri’s legs. Regardless of whether he embellished, it makes no sense for the person who was hacked in the legs to get fined while the two people hacking him didn’t get fined. That’s just plain crazy.

    • TGT23

      Chaner and BarelyComments are both right. On a points percentage basis the Oilers are 30th and the leafs 29th. But on an actual points/tie-breaker basis the Leafs are 30th.

      That means that the Leafs have destiny in their own hands, in that if they loose their last 4 games they’re guaranteed 30th. Nothing Edmonton can do about it. But the leafs actually have to loose 4 straight.

      Kadri’s suspension certainly helps that out!

      Come on guys 4 straight I know you can do it, I believe in you!

  • nobonusfornonus

    The fact is Shanny has suspended Kadri twice. The first time as league disciplinarian for running a goalie and and once as Leafs president for kadri’s unprofessional conduct.

    Kadri is a work in progress.

  • SickFloBro

    I hope Kadri keeps his mouth shut about this and learns from it. Diving, cross-checking, throat-slashing… come on, grow up. I know people view Sidney Crosby as a whiny player, but I think Kadri is by far and away the biggest crybaby in the NHL.

  • BarelyComments

    Kadri is a fun player to watch but this suspension is of course deserved.
    Glendening punched him in the back of the head, so instead of retaliating by punching him back he uses his stick as a weapon which is extremely dangerous. Tempers flare in this game but one still has to be in control of ones actions.

  • SickFloBro

    As Babcock would say, this is a good lesson for Kadri with regards to diving and playing dirty.

    When you cheat the system, the system finds a way to get you back

  • Gary Empey

    No penalty called on Luke Glendening….

    What is the correct response when someone first trips you then as you get up they punch you in the back of the neck/head and with enough force to knock your helmet off?

    If the refs blow the whistle none of this occurs.

  • Gary Empey

    Do not recall any Leaf alumni behaving this way. Apart from the one incident from Wilf Paiment. Conduct unbecoming a Leaf should be grounds for a trade imo.

    Must be a sign of the times unfortunately.

    The NHL needs competition and so do the rest of major league sports.

    WHA, USFL, etc.