LEAFS POSTGAME: Leafs clinch bottom two finish

There was a lot on the line in Toronto tonight, with the Leafs playing their last home game of the season against Columbus. A win would create more drama for Toronto’s draft lottery hopes, but a loss would guarantee that they could finish the season no higher than 29th. 

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And boy, did they make sure they finish no higher than 29th.

The Rundown

After a brutal 1st period in which the teams combined for 15 shots, the game really opened up in the second. Morgan Rielly opened the scoring with a beautiful shorthanded snipe, simultaneously delighting and scaring fans in the process. Fortunately, Brandon “The Only Good Player Columbus Has Signed Long-Term” Saad would begin Columbus’s dominance ten minutes later. Brandon “The Brandon that isn’t as good” Dubinsky added another before the end of the period. 

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Columbus would add three more goals in the third, with Bjorkstrand, Calvert, and Dubinsky’s second being the tallies.

With the loss, Toronto’s draft lottery odds start to become more set in stone – they are guaranteed to finish no higher than 29th. And with Edmonton’s win tonight, the Leafs are tentatively in 30th place with two games to go.

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Blue Warrior

No one was good, so let’s pull a Winnipeg and go with The Fans.

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See You Tomorrow

The Leafs play their second last game of the season tomorrow in Philadelphia. Game starts at 7. If the Leafs lose, they are guaranteed to finish 30th.

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  • jimithy

    Lamoreilli’s and Babcock’s dream of creating another team specializing in the trap will never work in Toronto, since nobody can play defense, and nobody can score, and nobody really cares because, hey man, the Leafs are the Leafs, and the leafs will always be the Leafs. Drop the puck.

  • I wonder how damaging it is for the prospects to take a pummelling like that?

    Hopefully the rehabilitation with the Marlies in the playoffs will erase the last few months since the young guns were elevated. It will be interesting to see how Marlies perform now that they’ve had a taste of the big time, and that it hasn’t exactly been plain-sailing while they were up.

      • Harte of a Lion

        The kids like Soshnikov, Hyman, Carrick, Nylander, Lepsic and others had a taste of both success and failure so I wouldn’t worry to much. They need to learn that they can’t coast for 50 minutes and then turn it on and win the game.

        That is one thing I have noticed with the Marlies this year, they tend to put the pedal to the metal in the third period and put teams away after playing a mediocre 1st and 2nd. I suspect that they will learn that with Babcock or they will sit on the bench or stay in the AHL.

        If you play that way in the playoffs, you won’t go far.

    • Harte of a Lion

      Other than Nylander, Lindberg and Kapanen, There weren’t any “prospects” from last night as key pieces moving forward and I suspect Kapanen might be in play along with Kadri in an attempt to flip the Pittsburgh first to move up. I still see potential with Kapanen but he needs to play inside the dots, not float around the perimeter so he doesn’t get hit. Nylander needs to learn that if he takes shifts off in the NHL. other teams, even bad ones will make him pay. Lindberg played hard every shift.

      I forget about the Goat, he looked decent and though he got his first point, it was not his best game.

  • CMpuck