Report: Coyotes interested in Kyle Dubas for general manager

It was always just a matter of time before we heard of other NHL teams looking into Kyle Dubas as a full-time general manager, and no doubt until he’s eventually named to the throne in Toronto we’ll continue to do so. 

Now we have our first real culprit, the Arizona Coyotes, as Elliotte Friedman reported this morning that they’ve looked to gain access to young up-and-comer to replace Don Maloney who was canned just yesterday.

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As Friedman goes on to note, Dubas appears to want to stay put with the Leafs. We’ve speculated a ton since Dubas’ hiring in Toronto that he’d be the next general manager for years to come, and while bringing on Lamoriello has obviously put that on hold, there’s still belief among most that in the next three-to-five years that position will become his for the long term. 

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Still, this is (or would’ve been) a very, very smart move by the Coyotes, and it gives way to a more frightening thought that should a team with more resources in perhaps a bigger market try the same, Toronto could have a more serious situation on its hands. 

For my money, if I’m the president of another NHL club, I’m trying my hardest to get Dubas and Sheldon Keefe out of Toronto as soon as possible. The work they’ve done in such short periods of time has been incredible, and the list of teams kicking tires is going to grow over the next year or two. How the Leafs – a team with essentially unlimited funds – combat that kind of interest will be fun (and likely stressful) to witness.

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    • That’s why it’ll be interesting. How much money can you pay an assistant GM who has an offer to run his own team elsewhere? Dubas, like Keefe, doesn’t want to be an assistant in the NHL for long I wouldn’t think…

      • FlareKnight

        How much money do the Leafs have? I don’t think they’ll have any issue bumping up Dubas’s salary as high as it takes.

        The offer to run his show somewhere else is a strong one, but maybe not that strong. If he’s being groomed to be the Leafs GM going forward how much is it worth getting a couple years head start? Think for him it’d be far more worthwhile taking over with the Leafs he’s been involved in assembling. He’ll have been a critical part of the management group and connected to having assembled this team.

        I think taking over with a group he’s helped put together and should believe will have the chance to actually win is pretty appealing. Toss in the fact that the Leafs can pay him more than most other teams and that should lock him in. Lou’s deal only has 2 more years on it. 2 more years and then Dubas will likely get the job. That’s not a long time to wait.

        It’s another story with Keefe. If he wants to coach in the NHL he’s got to go elsewhere or wait 7 more years for Babcock’s contract to finish. I can see him getting scooped up eventually. But not Dubas.

        • FlareKnight

          During the press conference introducing Lou as the new GM of the Leafs, I’m pretty sure Lou said something along the lines of: “My contract is for three years. If Kyle isn’t the GM of the Leafs after that, it’s his own fault.”

          That’s a pretty clear statement of intent. The only reason to jump ship would be if he was impatient to take over, and he doesn’t seem the type.

  • CMpuck

    Give Kyle a raise, hired Maloney as a consultant and expose Arizona’s scouts list and just how desperate ownership is for Matthews.

    Make an example of small markets trying to poach your staff.

    Stick it to them with an offer somewhere down the road.

    Leafs need to bully small markets.

  • CMpuck

    Just goes to show that the Leafs did a real good job in assessing their managerial staff. Sure hope he stays, put Lou as an consultant in a couple of years and hand the reigns to Kyle. Burke was right on one point, the Toronto job is the envy of the league.

  • FlareKnight

    why go to a team with no fans, a worse future, a bankrupt team and a team that will be relocated in the next two years when he can be the gm of the most storied, richest and biggest organization with the brightest future? lol go away! go find your own guy and leave our toronto guys alone! they tried to steal anthopolous remember??