Maple Leafs Announce 6-Year Extensions For Both Morgan Rielly and Nazem Kadri


That was fast. The Maple Leafs have just announced that the team has locked up two pieces of their core for the next six years. No financial details have been released, but the move answers a couple of the big questions we had for the offseason. 

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Both pending RFAs, these deals signal a commitment that the two players are cornerstones of the rebuild. At 22-years old, Rielly is the future of the Leafs blueline and it appears as though management didn’t want to risk the Subban-like bridge deal that came back to burn the Canadiens. 

While the signing of Rielly was inevitable, many speculated that Kadri might have played his last game with the Maple Leafs. This puts those rumors to an end. After having a great year that wasn’t reflected by his offensive numbers, Kadri seems to become a favourite of coach Mike Babcock. 

Despite his breakout season and the immense praise from the team’s head coach, Kadri has been a very polarizing player in this market. Many feel that he has never lived up to the potential of a 7th overall pick, but when looking beyond his scoring totals this year it is obvious that he has the ability to be an elite second line center for a very good team. With the comfort of a long-term extension and the faith of the organization behind him, Kadri now has the ability to play without the pressure of having to prove himself. 

Update: We now know the financial terms of the deal and it looks like the Leafs got incredible value on the Kadri extension. Bravo Lou.

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  • SEER

    Very happy to hear this. Wasn’t expecting it so soon. I’ll wait to hear about dollar amounts but I’m glad these two will be around pretty much til I’m 40.

  • BarelyComments

    Don’t know the money details yet but seems smart to sign them for the same amount of years, at the end of the contracts (if all goes well), Rielly will need another raise and Kadri (31), will probably be expendable…

  • Money is key on the Kadri deal. I’m really hoping it’s not too much more than 5 mil. Anything over 6 and I’d be concerned. I’m glad Kadri is staying, but has to be at the right price…

    Reilly will almost definitely be worthwhile money. Really good prospect and in 6 years, hopefully whatever he’s on will be a bargain.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    The Rielly signing I can understand. Good term and value. But the Kadri signing leaves me puzzled. I guess this means Bozak is gone, and pretty much eliminates the team chasing Stamkos.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    I’ve criticized Kadri a lot on this site but for 6 years at a 4.5 cap hit, that’s an incredible value! With a $74 million total cap that averages to $3.2 million per player on a 23 man roster. So Kadri’s only costing $1.3 million more than an average player.

    If Kadri’s contract allows for possible trades then it’s even better!

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    Unless the team buys out Bozak and makes Kadri the second line centre, how does this make sense? You have a chance to draft Matthews, or sign Stamkos. There has to be more to it than this.

    • Jeremy Ian

      What are you talking about? Toronto has neither Stamkos or Matthews yet. Regardless of where he plays this Kadri deal is great because he is now an asset. If he doesn’t fit in Toronto in the future he will be tradeable at that cap hit. On top of that, he had a perfect contract year as far as Toronto is concerned because his shot percentage was way down, he was playing with terrible teammates and yet all his peripheral stats like corsi and faceoff percentage were great while taking on the top line every night. Surround Kadri with some talent and then put him on a second line behind a future top center and he will put up far better offense and still be a good two way checking center all for 4.5 million. That’s a great deal, you’re just too short sighted to see it.

    • TGT23

      Because Stamkos hasn’t signed and we haven’t won the #1 pick, yet. Assume for a moment that Stamkos resigns with Tampa and the Leafs pick #2. What then?

      You’re saying the team should base lineup decisions and contract negotiations based on hopes and pipe dreams of future signings?

      Well, in that case, why are the Leafs drafting Matthews or signing Stamkos when Tavares might sign in Toronto?

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    Those are two great deals imo – I think both will outperform those contracts.

    (and very happy to see Naz staying put…he still has some growing up to do but with Babs guiding him as he matures I think he will become a fantastic 2C)

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    SWEET LOU AT IT AGAIN. AMAZING DEALS!!! if kadri plays how he played this year for the remainder of his contract, this deal will be an absolute STEAL. I see him bouncing back offensively and getting 55 points next year and rielly getting 40! nice to have gardiner, rielly and finally kadri locked up long term. well deserved!

  • Jeremy Ian

    I am with the applauding chorus here. Both contracts are great deals and show commitment to what this team will look like in a few years.

    What it also means is that both players wanted to stay with the team long term. After the fiasco last year, I worried about that…

  • CMpuck

    The last time I was this against a Leaf talent was Steen so hope Kadri is that late blooming star, I can live with him at 4.5 throughout his prime, I like his chemistry with Komarov. Suprised he wanted to commit to the Leafs, so like Ritchie over Nylander (you see can admit when I’m wrong) and Provorov over Marner will put my bias aside and now be a Kadri cheerleader, he’s a Leaf dammit. My last criticism is like living in the dream of trading Kadri rather than the status quo of extending him, feels like the Kessel trade, necessary but underwhelming.

    Rielly at 5? Solid, a bit surprised Mattaa wasn’t a comparable for him and see him sign at 4.5 but it’s Morgan f’ing Rielly he could have been signed at 7 per and I’d swallow it and buy a jersey

    And….. Rielly is our boy, happy so homerun and you guys got your guy in Kadri happy for you.

  • TGT23

    These are VERY good contracts.

    4.5M for a 2nd Line C is pretty darn good in today’s game. Eating up four years of UFA time is nice, too. Kadri’s play is in the high end of the 2LC’s in the NHL, this contract is in the low end of 2LC’s. I don’t know how Luo did it, but I suspect Kadri liked the assurance of being locked up long-term and the limited no-trade. Either way, this is nice value.

    Speaking of value, if Morgan Reilly becomes the player we think he can be, 5M is an absolute bargain. Even if he doesn’t reach it I can’t see, barring injuries, 5M being something Reilly can’t live up to. Heck, Dion would have lived up to 5M/YR… but, he was paid 7 to do it.

  • SEER

    CONGRATS to both of them.., although I am a little surprised at the length for Kadri, but the price is good…, so I say these are both good contracts for us.. Rielly might just be a career Leafer, in my thinking..

    New montage just made today for Rielly.. (and I didn’t even know about the news, until after it was made.. LOL!)

    Morgan Rielly/ Defense/ shoots L/ Born Mar 9 1994/ Vancouver, BC/
    22 yrs. ago/
    Height 6.01/ Weight 214

    2014-15 Toronto Maple Leafs – NHL
    81 Games… 8 Goals… 21 Assists… 29 Points… -16
    2015-16 Toronto Maple Leafs -NHL
    82 Games… 9 Goals… 27 Assists… 36 Points… -17

    D-Iron-Man: All Morgan Rielly’s 2015-16 Goals & Highlights – TML



    ..and while I’m at it.., here’s another new one from today, for Brendon Leipsic.., who already has 20 Marlies goals + his first NHL goal with the Leafs.. and is headed into the 2016 Calder Cup Playoffs..

    Brendan Leipsic/
    Center/shoots L/
    Born May 19 1994/Winnipeg, MAN/
    21 yrs. ago/
    Height 5.09/ Weight 170

    RECENT STATS: (*Up to April 13th 2016)

    2015-16 Toronto Maple Leafs – NHL
    6 Games… 1 Goal… 2 Assists… 3 Points… -1
    2015-16 Toronto Marlies – AHL
    63 Games… 20 Goals… 34 Assists… 54 Points… +16

    Sweet, With Sticky: Brendan Leipsic 2015-16 Highlights – TML


  • Gary Empey

    Good contracts for both the Leafs and the players.
    The Leafs get two very moveable assets. The players get long term security with some say on where they play if it became necessary to move them. I love the quick signings. It avoids all that media BS that benefits no one but the media.
    Now both players can enjoy their summer workouts, while us fans can concentrate on this frigging draft.

  • BorealNinja

    These are great deals! Glad to see Lou still has it cause New Jersey made me a bit skeptical at first. Who knows what Stamkos will do and there is an 80% chance of not getting Matthews, so panicking about Bozak is a bit premature. However if those things do work out then too many centres is never a bad thing. Go Leafs!

  • I read a hot take suggesting that Kadri is more of a trade asset today than he was yesterday before he signed his contract. That deal is a good deal and, if they want to, they can still use Kadri as a trade piece.

    I’m not sure they should trade him, but he becomes potentially more attractive to teams that may be interested in him, because that price is a bargain.

    I actually think Kadri is crazy for accepting less money than Reilly, but I guess he wants to stay. Good for him.

  • jimithy

    Kadri and Reilly are the two weakest links in this so-called rebuild. Yet, trust the brains behind this joke of a franchise to deprive the fans of any future success, by adding at least another six years of ‘good for a Laff’ scenarios. Add Gardiner to this slushy mix and there is no end in sight of bad hockey to come. The NHL will have expanded to other planets before the Leaf organization will ever make the playoffs again and even then only in a sympathetic commemorative role as an ambassador of the sports’ beginnings.