Announcing the First Ever TLN Draft Lottery Party

Paper bag not included, Draft Lottery odds may not be as advertised. Return of your personal passion not guaranteed.

It’s Tuesday morning. Do you know what that means? We’re four days away from knowing where in the draft the Leafs will pick! That’s fun and exciting, but nobody wants to be the jerk sitting alone in front of a TV screaming at Bill Daly as he reveals his LP-sized cards one by one. 

But what if we could do that as a group? Enter the Leafs Nation Draft Lottery Party, brought to you by, well, us and some of our friends! Here’s what you need to know.

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A New Hope

Saturday is poised to be a big night for the Shanaplan. Finally, after months of cheering for one last sacrificial lamb of a season to go in the mathematically worst way possible, and weeks of nervous tension after finally clinching the 30th seed, the Leafs will have a good idea of who they’ll be picking come the end of June. Well, unless they pick 4th, which has a 47.94% chance of happening and would inevitably lead to eight weeks of torturous arguments pleading the case for about a dozen players outside of the big three.

In an attempt to get the hockey gods to line up in favour of Toronto, we’d like to gather together to channel any sort of positive energy in the direction of the lottery balls. OilersNation has been having these lottery parties for years now and have been able to build a modern day lottery dynasty as a result. Our collective energy only has to travel 600 metres, though, so we think we can overpower them.


As a bit of pre-lottery entertainment, we’ll also be watching The Passion Returns as a group. For those who have never heard of it, The Passion Returns was a team-created documentary about the 1992/93 team, who were the last group to pull the Leafs out of the ashes of a failed era and into one where winning felt possible. Without spoiling it for you, it’s filled with 90s Stereotypes, younger versions of your favourite vintage players and executives, and hilariously younger versions of a few Toronto reporters. It’s a cult classic in the Leafs community. Most importantly, we have the best looking and sounding copy of it that you’ll ever find. It’s going to be awesome and it’s going to be a great night where we’ll be able to embrace the positives that the organization has put forth lately.

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A Time and A Place

Now that we’ve all agreed that this is the greatest idea of all time, we need a meeting place, don’t we? Don’t worry; we’ve already thought of that.

On Saturday night, our rally point will be The Tilted Kilt over at 38 The Esplanade. For those of you taking transit (a wise and recommended choice if you’ll be drinking), the Tilted Kilt is conveniently within a five-minute walk of Union TTC/GO/Via Station. Simply walk east on Front until you get to either Yonge or Scott Street, walk south, and you’ll be a quick venture from down the Esplanade away from us!

We’ll be kicking things off no later 6:00 PM, though I’ll probably there a little earlier running the draft lottery simulator on my laptop while shaking furiously. We’ll be going until at least a little while after the draft order is decided, though a good result could mean that this party goes well into the night.

A Gathering For The Ages

You’ve now made arrangements and you’re already stoked. But what if I told you it gets better? Because it does! The fine people behind Babsocks will be around to make sure that our feet are ready for anything, and our friends at Lake of Bays are going to make sure that there’s plenty of Top Shelf Beer to go around. The latter has me particularly stoked; I hate pretty much any beer that isn’t a lager and Top Shelf is about as lager as it gets. 

With beer added to the equation, we can give this event so many names. “A few brews for Matthews”. “Lagers for Laine”, “Shelf Party for Puljujärvi”, ..lets not talk about picking 4th.

But most importantly, you’ll be there, taking advantage of a rare opportunity to get excited about the Blue and White. We invite you to bring a friend (or two, or twelve) and help us fill the place to the brim! We want that place rocking so loud that Auston Matthews can hear us in the studio on Wellington when the golden envelope comes out. We want it to be so loud that the chosen one feels compelled to join us in the celebration afterwards (outside, obviously, because he isn’t legal drinking age). We want it to be so loud that Drake shows up and records a sequel to Draft Day on the spot.

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Okay, that stuff is probably less likely than picking first, but one can dream. We still want to make sure that you have a great time, though! Hopefully, we’ll see you on Saturday night!

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        • Gary Empey

          – Mitch Marner scored twice and added two assists to power the London Knight past the Erie Otters 5-1 on Tuesday in Ontario Hockey League playoff action.

          Cataractes rally past Sea Dogs 7-3; Maple Leafs prospect Dmytro Timashov had two goals

          Here’s a pre-draft question for anyone.

          If Oilers pick 1st and Leafs 2nd, could we swap picks?

          Oilers would want a good defenceman or prospect to make the swap.

          What kind of a deal would it take to switch picks?

          • CMpuck

            Nah at this point Laine = Matthews.

            Nylander can center Laine or Puljujarvi, enough size on the wing to make time and space for Nylander.

            If the Leafs could secure Matthews, Stamkos, Nylander is pushed to wing. I don’t think it’s that dire to get Matthews.

          • SEER

            From Oilers Nation with love.

            To drop 1 spot and the Oilers still get Laine, it wouldn’t cost that much. Maybe swap both of your first round picks or maybe picks #31 and #2.

            Oilers might consider trading that #2 pick again for defensive help but there isn’t anyone on the Leafs roster (that you would be okay giving up) that would meet the Oilers right hand top 4 D need.

  • Gary Empey

    A truly great idea. If I was closer I would surely join the gang. Cheers. I shall hoist a San Miguel Pale Pilsen in your honour on draft morning here.

    Here are our odds.

    1st overall: 20%

    2nd overall: 17.486%

    3rd overall: 15.020%

    4th overall: 47.494%

    Two words that go together….DRAFT and BEER

  • dougie88

    I hope we get gold, but I’ve already resigned to the fact that we’re picking 4th. I’ve been a Leafs fan for 4 decades and last year I nearly had a heart attack pacing in front of the TV. So, I can’t go, I also live in Bowmanville, and thats a long way to go to be let down, when I can do that from the comfort of my own home.

    Still, to cover all bases, I sacrificed to the hockey Gods, several small animals and a Neighbor I don’t like (NOT REALLY) I say if we pick 2nd, it will be as good as first, I really like Laine, I watched in the WJHC and in the Finnish play offs, he’s scary good!

  • SEER

    Two new 2016 Draft player videos, to add tpo the party…

    Boris Katchouk/ Left Wing/ shoots L/ Born Jun 18 1998/ Waterloo, ONT./ 17 yrs. ago/ Height 6.01/ Weight 179

    RECENT STATS: (*Up to April 25th 2016)

    2014-15 – Soo Thunderbirds – NOHL
    29 Games… 18 Goals… 27 Assists… 45 Points… +/- 0 *PPG+
    2014-15 – Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds – OHL
    12 Games… 0 Goals… 2 Assists… 2 Points… +/- 0
    2015-16 – Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds – OHL
    63 Games… 24 Goals… 27 Assists… 51 Points… +7
    2014-15 – Team Canada – WJC U-18 –
    5 Games… 1 Goal… 1 Assist… 2 Points… +/- 0

    Boriscuda: Boris Katchouk 2015-16 Highlights – 2016 NHL Draft Prospect



    Vladimir Kuznetsov (#98) / Right Wing/ shoots L/ Born Feb 18 1998/
    18 yrs. ago/ Height 6.02/ Weight 214


    2014-15 – Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg U17 – Russia U17
    8 Games… 4 Goals… 3 Assists… 7 Points… +/- 0

    2014-15 – Avto Yekaterinburg – MHL
    43 Games… 7 Goals… 5 Assists… 12 Points… -11
    2014-15 – Team Russia U17 – WJC U-17
    6 Games… 0 Goals… 1 Assist… 1 Point… +/- 0
    2014-15 – Team Russia U17 – International Junior
    10 Games… 1 Goal… 1 Assist… 2 Points… +/- 0
    2015-16 – Acadie-Bathurst Titan – QMJHL
    68 Games… 25 Goals… 33 Assists… 58 Points… -7
    2016 QMJHL PLAYOFFS (*Up to April 25th 2016)
    5 Games… 0 Goals… 1 Assist… 1 Point… -5

    Titan: Vladimir Kuznetsov 2015-16 Highlights – 2016 NHL Draft Prospect


  • magesticRAGE

    Lou & Co. will earn their pay cheques if they can get picks one and two and a third in the top ten to nab a D-man.

    Matthews down the middle, Laine on his wing.

    • SEER

      How do you propose they acquire 3 picks of that value?

      Are you going to trade Marner +something to get the other top 3 guy, because that’s what it would take.

      Gardiner or Nylander for the other top 10 pick?

      As an Oilers fan I can tell you, stay with proven commodities, don’t hang your hopes on 18 year old shoulders, especially not three of them.

  • dougie88

    I have both video and audio copies of The Passion Returns on my iPod. Watched the video before all 7 games against the Bruins a couple of years ago. It gets to me lol.

    Favourite quote is probably from the Foligno goal against the Wings, Bowen with the call.

  • dougie88

    I agree, trade for for more top ten picks. The Leafs can afford it. They can always raise beer prices or something if need be.

    This is an exceptional draft year.