Andreas Johnson victim of dangerous hit in Marlies playoff game


The Toronto Marlies have had their most impactful game of the series on the scoresheet tonight, and the Albany Devils are none to pleased. In what may have been an attempt to set the tone physically, Albany defenceman Dan Kelly crossed the line with a dangerous hit that left Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson motionless in just his second professional game in North America.

Johnson was unable to get up for several minutes, before being carried to the Marlies dressing room by his teammates. Prior to the incident, the Swedish winger had two shots through the first 30 minutes of play.

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Zach Hyman immediately came to Johnson’s defense, dropping the gloves with Kelly. Kelly received a match penalty for a check to the head, which will come with an automatic suspension of at least one game.

This isn’t Albany’s first controversial hit of the series, nor is Johnson the first player to suffer a head injury as the result of one. In overtime of Game 3, Joseph Blandisi cross-checked defenceman Stuart Percy head-first into the boards, but due the hit being behind the play, had his infraction go unnoticed by the referees. Percy is currently not available for play and was replaced with Travis Dermott for tonight’s game.

Johnson, as you can imagine, is not expected to return to this game. Given the circumstances, it would be a shock to see him back in these playoffs at all. That should come secondary, though; with a head injury like this, personal recovery is priority number one.

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  • Gary Empey


  • Gary Empey

    7 – 2– Marlies– end of the third

    1st Period- Arcobello 1 (Brown, Leivo), 13:17 (PP). —

    Kapanen 1 (Hyman, Nylander), 18:48 (PP).

    2nd Period – Brennan 5 (Arcobello, C. Carrick), 1:05 (PP).

    Leipsic 1 (Nylander, S. Carrick), 14:10 (PP) –

    Soshnikov 2 (C. Carrick, Clune), 18:39

    3rd Period- Soshnikov 3 (B. Smith), 1:36. 8,

    Toronto, Brown 4 (S. Carrick), 10:27.

    • Gary Empey

      Stay classy. No matter how bad or dirty the hit, which in this case was pretty bad, you don’t just wish a career ending injury upon a player. Hockey is Dan Kelly’s job, much like most, if not all, professional hockey players. He hit him, it wasn’t clean. Doesn’t mean you have to wish a career ending injury for him. A simple “People like him deserve to be banned from the game” would have been somewhat better.

      • Gary Empey

        I think you underestimate the Toronto fans.

        If Kelly gets carted off on a stretcher at Ricoh Coliseum, you can expect the fans to give him a nice round of applause.

    • magesticRAGE

      You need to look at it again bud, that was a clear elbow, to the head. It’s a super rare event that a clean check knocks you out, and not only was Johnson out, but bleeding from hit face. With it being a ‘chicken wing’ hit, that meathead is gone for at least 10-15 games.
      The hit to Percy deserved a suspension too, the league has dropped the ball in the series, hope they get this one right.

      Andreas, God speed in your recovery. Take the time you need.

    • CMpuck

      You need to go back to shoulder school and learn what a shoulder is because that was not a shoulder it was an elbow which is not the shoulder even though it is close to and connected to the shoulder. He used his elbow.

    • Gary Empey

      You have got to be kidding me – were you seriously watching the same replay?! Looks to me (and pretty much everyone else) that his ELBOW came up to head level, and made first contact with his head – not his shoulder. Have a look again – and open your eyes!
      There is absolutely no reason for elbows to get up that high – and this is not ‘pussifying’ the sport as you so eloquently put it. This is making it physical without intent to injure-which is the only result in a hit with elbows to the head.
      Pull your head out of your A$$.

  • Gary Empey

    Thankfully the hit was to the jaw, and not the forehead. Furthermore, his head did not hit the boards, and he was able to shelter his head from the ice with his arm. Although this is the end of his season, he has a full summer to recover properly without pressure to return too soon.

    Might have dodged the bullet… mostly.

      • CMpuck

        Pffffttt… the thumbs down for suggesting the Leafs carry one goon as a healthy scratch on their farm team in order to keep their talent pool safe. It’s a one of a kind tool in the box.

        This site sometimes…

        • Gary Empey

          You are right one goon is not enough.

          They should carry three goons to make up the whole 4th line. In the playoffs just play them in home games, where you have the last line change. Send them out to kick the sh!te out of the Devils first line, every time they are on the ice. WTF…. Run a few goalies while they are at it. Bring back the Hanson Brothers.

  • magesticRAGE

    This elbow to the head by Kelly was an intentional attempt to cause injury to Johnson. I think this horrible elbow to the head merits at least a 7 game suspension together with a very heavy fine to the Albany Devils team.

  • Gary Empey

    You (richard cranium)are an idiot and obviously did not see the re-play.
    This was a very serious hit to the head and an obvious ploy on the part of the coach to diminish the powerful Toronto Marlies
    You cannot say anything to rebut this comment !