TLN Roundtable: All The Picks

The Toronto Maple Leafs have draft picks. A lot of them, in fact. Among the most in NHL history, in fact. As the team begins their climb back to the top, they’ll have a dozen picks to invest in Auston Matthews and a bunch of other young players on a sunny June weekend in Buffalo….


#AfterAuston: Dmitri Sokolov

Embed from Getty Images Last June, the Leafs made some eye-catching selections at the NHL draft by putting a premium on skill above all else. They took risks on high-end players with supposed flaws in their games, and in some cases they managed to scoop up a prospect whose actual selection was far below the pre-draft rankings….


The Roundup

Examining Canada’s World Cup roster, Phil Kessel closing in on a Stanley Cup, Gudbranson not so bad after all, Jets captaincy, who do the Flames pick at 6th, Chiarelli ready to play in Edmonton, the Expansion draft, NHL draft, free agency and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.