Maple Leafs Select Yegor Korshkov 31st Overall

With the 31st overall pick and the first pick of the second round, the Toronto Maple Leafs selected KHL forward Yegor Korshkov.

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It’s an off the board pick for the Leafs. Korshkov was ranked 43rd by ISS Hockey, but as low as 121st by others, and was a consensus mid-to-early third round pick.

All of that aside, what are the Leafs getting in the 6″4′ Russian winger?

Here’s what the scouting reports say:

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Corey Pronman of ESPN:

got a lot of attention after a very good performance at the WJC, and he has
been a decent bottom-six forward for his KHL team after going undrafted by NHL
clubs the past two years. Korshkov is a towering power forward, with a strong
6-foot-4 frame that he uses to bulldoze his way to the front of the net and win
many battles along the boards. He’s a good skater for a man his size, showing
excellent balance. Korshkov’s hands won’t dazzle, but he can make coordinated
plays to avoid a check here or there. He’ll move the puck at a fair level, and
he isn’t just a bump-and grind big man.

Future Considerations:

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 10.18.35 AM

Here are Korshkov’s boxcar stats:

Basically, it sounds like Korshkov is something of a project still, but that he has legitimate top-six upside. It was an off the board pick, but at the least the potential is there.
Korshkov joins a group of Leafs winger prospects that’s deep but lacking a blue chipper. Korshkov fits in well in that sense, as he’s got potential but might be considered something of a long-shot to reach it at this point, at least in the eyes of most scouts.
Clearly though, the Leafs disagree. If they were willing to take a player most didn’t expect to even be taken in the second round at 31st overall, they must be big fans.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens around his playing status in Russia and if/when he comes over. If he does come over at some point he’d figure to start in the AHL. Age isn’t a concern there, as Korshkov turns 20 in July and was passed over in two previous drafts.
I’m not a fan of the pick because it seems to me like the Leafs could’ve gotten Korshkov later, and thus could’ve attempted some sort of trade down if they really wanted to take him, but the Leafs would certainly know better than I would both about how good he is and whether or not other teams were high on him. While it seems like these, “really? You took him there?” picks don’t usually work out, I’ll give the Leafs the benefit of the doubt.

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  • TGT23

    Awesome pick up by Hunter. I’m surprised we got him with the 31st pick as I was certain a high end skilled player like him would be drafted early in the mid first round.

    Hunter yet again with another great draft

  • Gary Empey

    HORRIBLE. once again, hunter passes on way better talent available for a project that doesn’t have the same big ceiling as better prospects like girard, krys, dineen, clague, debrincat, abramov, asplund, jesus f***inf Christ. it’s like dermott all over again when better talent was available.

  • Firearcher

    I am NOT impressed with the Leafs draft this year at all. Matthews was fine but you do not need to be a genius to choose him. At 31 we could have picked a better player. A Defense man or a skilled forward who can put the pick in the net. Laberge perhaps? he was there at 31 and ranked late first round. Igor would have been there in the 3rd round. This is perhaps the pick i am most upset about.

  • TGT23

    I definitely feel they could have waited on him but I trust the European scouts. We are building a safe environment for Russian players that will only help us pull more from the KHL as FAs ala Zaitsev.

  • Capt.Jay

    I’m sure Hunter needed convincing from someone in the organization to do this. So with that being said I’m certain Hunter didn’t suddenly lose his ability to draft, so they must’ve scouted him heavy and have known something the rest of us didn’t.

  • Firearcher

    Feels like they could have done the ol’ trade-down-for-2-picks on this one.

    I think the reason they picked him though is that he’s ahead-of-the-curve and they are looking to maximize their value in the 2-4 year range.

  • TGT23

    From what I’m reading, he’s basically a high-end 3rd line producer in the KHL at 19-years old. I guess that isn’t BAD, but probably could have taken him later and used the 31st pick to grab someone more… known.

    • TGT23

      You are focusing too much on points and offence. The thing with Koroshov it he brings character, size and intangibles. This was another solid pick up by Hunter and Lou. And he was on the radar of a lot of other NHL teams

      • TGT23

        Not this high he wasn’t.

        Intangibles are great, but from a 19-year old kid they are nearly impossible to project or quantify. But, again, I don’t really know this particular kid. So, all I have to go on are his numbers. If he’s a 3rd liner down the line, wonderful.

        Put him with Sosh and Hyman/Leo and let’s have some fun.