Leafs, Corrado $325K Apart Ahead Of Arbitration Case

With Frank Corrado’s July 26th arbitration date looming, details have emerged about what Corrado is asking for, and conversely, what the Leafs are offering.

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Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman has the details:

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Doesn’t seem like much of a gap, does it?

Understandably though, the Leafs want to save every penny they can in order to maximize the efficiency of their salary cap management. Conversely, Corrado and his agent want to get the most money possible on a new deal.

It should also be noted, of course, that this is arbitration, and that this is how negotiation works. One side offers the lowest conceivable amount, and the other side offers the highest conceivable amount. The end result is that an agreement is typically made somewhere in the middle.

Hopefully the Leafs and Corrado can come to an agreement before the hearing, as arbitration cases can supposedly get pretty nasty. I mean, it never bodes well for the relationship between a team and a player to air out all their grievances in front of each other to try and save a few extra bucks.

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Regardless, Corrado’s cap hit should come in nice and cheap, giving the Leafs a reliable depth defenseman for next season.

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  • Gary Empey

    can lou stop nickel and diming young, valuable rfas… we have the money and you just threw all of that money away on worse vets like polak and martin even though holland and corrado have more talent and are more useful on the ice. pathetic. wasting assets and risking losing guys for nothing when you can get assets in return if you just signed them to reasonable deals…

    • Gary Empey

      Holland just cleared waivers. None of the other 29 teams wanted him for free. There are no assets in return for him. Corrado needs time in he AHL if he is to ever become an NHL regular. While it is hard to notice on the ice Corrado is often out of position. I don’t believe the Leafs will put him in the line up this year.

    • Stan Smith

      First of all there are no vauluable RFA’s even mentioned in your comments. These are fringe players that will be lucky to even make the team.

      As for them having more talent than Polak or Martin I wonder if there would be a single NHL GM, coach, or assistant coach that would agree with you on that one.

      • Kanuunankuula

        You ever head of Bergevin? Benning? Other idiots around this league? Appeal to authority much?

        Fringe players like Martin or Polak, only there because of their contracts. I’d be supprised if half of the marlies can’t outplay them.

        @Gary Empey: Unlike Polak, who is always out of position?

        • Gary Empey

          Polak is aways in position. That is the reason Babcock wanted him back. That is the reason he plays the PK. If anyone on the Marlies could outplay Polak he would not of been resigned here. Lou would have preferred to pay a Marlie for cheap. Hockey is a business not a holiday camp. You may not like his style yourself but you should ask yourself what does Babcock see in this guy that you don’t.

    • Stan Smith

      Your complaining about sub average players. They are a dime a dozen and they will be paid so.

      If you’re really referencing the alleged nickel and dimeing of Matthews, you sir are incorrect. The players agent said the deal actually took 10 minutes to agree upon.

      In conclusion, from the wise guests of the Jenny Jones Show, “Haterz are gon’ hate”

  • Gary Empey

    67 total games for Corrado. And it makes sense why Dubas got an experienced and valuable vet like Polak.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Corrado gets waived when push comes to shove with Loov and Valiev emerging. But in reality, given, how Holland wasn’t claimed on waivers I wouldn’t be surprised for Corrado clear waivers as well.

    Lou and Dubas knows what they are doing here and are not clouded by 1 dimensional analytics based on a small sample size of 67 games.

  • Stan Smith

    Unless their is an injury, or the Leafs decide to carry eight dmen I would be very surprised if Corrado even makes the team. Right now I figure Rielly, Gardiner, Zaitsev, Polak, Hunwick, Carrick and Marincin are all ahead of him in the depth chart.