The Roundup


Jets name new Captain, the Florida Panthers like CanucksArmy, ESPN likes the Leafs prospects, projecting the Canucks and Flames scoring this season, Taylor Hall speaks after digesting trade from Oilers, a classic star fight, hockey hair, win tickets to the premier of Ice Guardians and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

Note* This article is posted across all Nation Network team sites so comments are an open forum


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A history of William Nylander’s hair

Espn ranks Leafs prospects tops in the NHL

Projecting Auston Mathews scoring in rookie season

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How many points will each Canuck score this year?

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Will Jake Virtanen start the year in the AHL?

Prospect profile: Canucks #1 prospect 


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Jets name new Captain

5 Jets to own in Fantasy this season

2 undersized and underrated Jets prospects


Flames bring in Chris Higgins on PTO

Gaudreau contract: What’s taking so long?

The Dennis Wideman conundrum

How many points will each Flames player get in 2016-17


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Post trade: A one on one interview with Taylor Hall

Milan Lucic’s greatest plays from 2015-16

Win tickets to the Edmonton premier of Ice Guardians

Oilers sign Matt Benning – Scrap of the week

More Sidney Crosby fights

More Claude Giroux fights

More from around the Network…

How many points can an NHL team get each year from luck?

Florida Panthers continue plucking staff from CanucksArmy

Check out the ‘Gents’ World Cup Line


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  • ChinookArchYYC


    Gregor: I’ve had many Oilers fans wonder, and I realize it’s a long ways away, but when you’re a UFA in four years would you contemplate signing in Edmonton?

    Hall: No, I don’t think that I would.

    Gregor: I’ve always appreciated you’re very honest and rather than give the sit on the fence answer you’ll answer directly. I appreciate that.

    Hall: Right now my focus is Jersey and playing my four years there, but I don’t think that I would come back.

    Well yeah, now that you have a choice . . .

    • FireScorpion

      Hilarious that

      The latest in a long long string of ex-Oilers that have left only to badmouth the organization and vow never to be back. Conner or not..the more things change the more they stay the same

      That made my nightshift when I read that the other day. And the best part is, who can blame him?

      • @S_2_H

        Lol what long list is that chief? Can you name 5 players? 3? Even 1 player who “vowed” not to come back to Edmonton after getting traded? And where does he even bad mouth the organization in the article? Get a grip dude.

        Of course he won’t come back, he’s bitter for being traded for a second paring D, so why would he say he’d want to come back to a team that basically cast him aside?

        It was a stupid question for Gregor to even ask. Can anyone name any marquee player from any team that got traded in their prime and then turned around and re-signed with that team years later once he hit free agency? It’s pretty rare, if it happens at all.

        • cberg

          Its a big world with lots of interesting stops out there, aside from purely hockey considerations. If you honestly ranked the attractiveness of all 30 NHL cities, where would you expect Edmonton to come in?

          • FishWhiskey

            Ummmmm…..Pretty sure Lucic would have signed to play for the Mogadishu Screaming Ardvarks so long as it meant playing with McDavid.

            Players want to play with good players on well run teams on the way up. Multi million dollar contracts make every city great.

            Players not wanting to go to Edmonton or Winnipeg in the past was not a reflection on the Cities but rather it was a statement that our teams sucked.

    • detox

      to be fair, it can’t be uncommon for a player who’s been traded, especially after their first trade, to be in some shock and have a little resentment.

      Hall thought he was part of the foundation in Edmonton.

      He thought he was set up to play with McDavid.

      The rug got pulled out from under him and instead of looking back, he is looking forward.

      Returning to the team that traded him is the last thing on his mind at the moment.

      Ask him the same question in 5 or 10 years, his answer could be the same or different.

        • OilersGM

          It’s amazing how many people think they know hockey and have no hockey knowledge what so ever…
          Hall only played a hand full of games with McDavid and the whole team struggled at the start of last season. Did you see Hall with McDavid at world championships, Hall should’ve been the MVP of the tournament…The organization never surrounded Hall with some decent veterans a decent defenceman or two a decent goalie and you blame him for not saving the franchise… All this years we were looking to get some decent stars here and when we have them some idiot decides to get rid off him…. And the idiot that wrote fan votes are split 50% on the trade where the hell you get your stuff, since the trade anyone I’ve listened to or read an article has said oilers overpaid… All the Hall haters go suck on a Chiarelli maybe he will insert you with some knowledge….
          I don’t often post comments but when I do you will definitely know what I mean….

          • Mitch92

            Hall didn’t want to play McDavid’s game. Hall wanted McDavid to play his game. As a result, Hall is gone and the future looks bright. You can keep defending your lost hero all you want but he made his own bed.

  • madjam

    With McDavid likely to hit the 1.5 pts./game this year , Lucic will probably have his most productive season , and also reach the 1.0pts/game height . Expect he may get between 80-100 points this season (Lucic) playing with Conner .

    • Bob Long

      100 points for Lucic? Thats 75 assists if looch really find the back of the net at a career rate…. and that’s if McDiver can stay healthy which I have my doubts about and Eberle improving as well.

      • madjam

        Did you not see the trend with Yak , Eberle and Maroon improve markedly playing with McDavid ? I guess you did not . Lucic and Eberle will improve as Conner does as well this year . Why would you think otherwise ?

        • Rockmorton65

          Improve, sure. But to suggest that Lucic is going to improve over his career best (6 yrs ago, btw) by almost 50% is silly. If McSaviour can get him to 70 points, count it as a miracle. And that’s also assuming Lucic plays with him every shift for all 82.

          • madjam

            So you are resigned to thinking Eberle and Lucic will remain stagnant or status quo with McDavid . Are Oiler fans so beaten down they only see gloom and doom despite having a generational talent like McDavid ? Hard to fly like an eagle when you have the vision of a mud hen . Jesse another talent that might soar this year as well .

  • Stan Smith

    In regards to the Hall/Larsson trade am I the only person,other than Peter Chiarelli, that thinks this is a good deal for the Oilers. They have tons of scoring talent up front and suck on defence. They now have a potential first line pairing dman with size that has average over 20 minutes a game , and at almost $2M a year less.

    • nuge2drai

      You are the only person who thinks that.

      NJ is about to improve their defense before the season starts, and they will not be paying a price of Taylor Hall.

      One of the best young players in the game today.

      A TOP 10 Scorer, about to hit his PRIME.

      Imagine the trades management passed up over the past couple years for Taylor Hall…

      This is the worst run franchise in sports history for a reason. This is not a fluke.

  • Mitch92

    While Jesse Puljujärvi is dominating with CMD on his way to the Calder trophy for rookie of the year, the Leafs’ William Nylander is in line to win the NHL’s newest award, the Kerry Fraser trophy for the best coiffed player in the NHL as voted for by the NHL referee’s alumni association.

  • nuge2drai

    I think the Oilers need a powerplay quarterback with a shot that can hit the net.

    I think the Oilers need an offensive Face Off Winning Center, so Letestu does not start every powerplay.

    I think the Oilers need to spend the 8+ mil in cap space on Defenseman who can move the puck.

    I think the Oilers need to stop making trades based on their view of a players potential.

    I think the Oilers will suck again for the 11th straight year, because these holes are never fixed.


    • Seanaconda

      I think mcdavid will probably go crazy working on faceoffs and it won’t be long until he is dominant at them. Every young player tends to suck at faceoffs cuz they aren’t as good at cheating yet.

      I thought the oilers only had 2 mill or something actually free in cap space this year. But that doesn’t matter anyone we want will have to come by trade cuz no real difference makers are left for just money

      And you gotta take potential into account when you make a trade along with every other factor. Sure we could trade all our young guys for old guys that are better today but that’s just stupid for a rebuilding/ young team and why it doesn’t happen. Easy example this year. Subban for weber. Pretty much everyone hates that trade for montreal even tho weber has a good chance of being the better player next year.

  • Mitch92

    Hearing rumours of Mike Richards getting a PTO is somewhat unsettling. The Oilers should start the season with CMD, RNH, Draisaitl and Letestu down the middle and look at acquiring Tyler Bozak at the trade deadline which would allow them to move Draisaitl up to a wing spot in the top six. The Leafs will likely be ready to move on from Bozak with Matthews, Nylander and Kadri fighting for top six minutes.

  • Mitch92

    Just read that Frederick “Conan O’Brien” Andersen just got injured during an Olympic qualifying match for Denmark before he even donned the Maple Leaf jersey for the first time! What a start to his Maple Leaf tenure. Hope it is not too serious.

  • FishWhiskey

    A Jets fan here, just touching base and wishing you Oiler folk a +.500 season. It’s been a long slog through the wilderness for both the Jets and Oilers but it looks like success might finally be at hand. Looking forward to some epic battles again between our two teams. Hopefully in the playoffs. Cheers!

    • FishWhiskey

      Just hold on a minute there Mr. Empey. I recognize your picture. Your the GM of the Mogadishu Screaming Ardvarks! This is just part of your clever ploy to slime Lucic away from the Oil….. Cheeky Monkey!