Morgan Rielly Gets Some Pop

The NHL announced they will be teaming up with Funko to produce a line of Pop – those cute little stylized plastic figures because that is apparently easier than making better merchandise for women. The NFL has seen several successful waves of their athletes as Pops so now it is hockey’s turn. For the Maple…


WCOH GAME 2: Canada vs. USA

What a glorious day. Canada can knock the USA out of the tournament with a victory tonight. A win would give the Red and White a 2-0 record and guarantee them a berth in the playoff round, along with Team Europe, while the USA would play the Czech Republic in a meaningless game on Thursday….

Jake Gardiner Makes His Teammates Much Better

Embed from Getty Images As everybody knows, September is Jake Gardiner Appreciation Month.  I kicked off JGAM by writing about how, contrary to popular opinion, Gardiner is actually very good defensively.  As I discussed in that piece, Jake has had pretty big, positive defensive impacts over the past few seasons, comparable to some of the…


WCOH Postgame: Russia beats North America in thriller

Photo Credit: Dan Hamlton/USA TODAY SPORTS We wanted fast paced, high energy hockey, and boy, did we ever get it. This was a game that not only lived up to expectation but pulled up the rest of the games surrounding it to really drive home the World Cup of Hockey’s entertainment value, if not its oft-debated…


VIDEO: McDavid, Matthews, Scheifele combine for high-flying first tally

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa/USA TODAY SPORTS Hockey fans at the Air Canada Centre got a bit of a taste of both their future and that of the National Hockey League, as Canadian franchise centrepieces Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and Mark Scheifele combined for a jaw-dropping first period tally in Team North America’s game against Russia.