WCOH GAME 2: Canada vs. USA

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  • Randaman

    Upset? Never say never. I doubt it but this is why they play the games.

    Personally, I would love nothing more than seeing Torts and Kesler out on their asses.

  • Moe Sizzlack

    P.s why not have Couture and Jumbo together and Getz and Perry together ??

    Bergeron, Marchand and Sid make sense !

    But why not the others ?

    Marchy- Bergero- Sid

    Tavares- Toews- stammer

    Oreilly- Getz- Perry

    Couture-Jumbo- duschene ..

    That’s how id roll, maybe even switch Duschene for Giroux just for lefty righty ..

    But hay … That’s why I’m just a laborer lol

  • McRaj

    Jason, you have just pumped me up to my internal core for this game. I have been Team North America all the way but reading this article has my Canadian juices flowing. GO CANADA GO.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    I’d disagree with two things here:

    One, off the top of my head Canada beat USA 1-0 in Sochi not 3-0. Lone goal being Jamie Benn. I might be wrong but I don’t think I am.

    Second, I have never thought the Americans fluked their way to the ’96 World Cup win. They were the best team and showed throughout the tourney including outscoring opponents 19-6 in the opening round robin. Canada left many of their best at home for the Canada Cup ’91 old boys reunion tour plus a few who had better things to do.

    • Jason Gregor

      You are correct, was a typo for score.

      They won one tourney vs. Canada, I called it a fluke to stir the pot, and because it was fluky considering the history of the Nations. And keep in mind Canada won the first game then lost next two. They were one game away from winning and didn’t get it done.

  • Mark Lesser

    USA beat Canada in 1996.
    Canada won the gold medal game in 2002, but it was 3-2 with five minutes to go.
    Canada beat the USA in OT for the gold in 2010.

    I’ll admit that 2014 was a dominant performance by Canada.

    However, I wouldn’t say that Canada owns the USA in hockey.

  • freelancer

    Gregor is fired up and I love it. Before the tournament started I was very worried this whole thing was going to feel like an All Star Game but there has been some passionate hockey going on. Awesome.

  • Avalain

    I loved how the commercial on the WCoH asked the question of who owns hockey. When it came to the US, they had 3 words. Miracle on Ice. But really, if the US owned hockey they wouldn’t call it a miracle when they won!

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      I will admit the Olympic win by the Kids over the Ruskies was a big game in the USA. I am also sure most Canadians were cheering for the USA in that game, I know I was. To me however nothing will ever beat stopping classes in elementary school to go in to the grade three room where 100+ kids and teachers watched Canada VS USSR/CCCP/Russia or what ever you wish to call them. Nothing can match having a teacher cancel school to watch Hockey. It totally legitimized the game and our passion for it. Then when Paul Henderson scored the whole country changed. That is when we really owned the game for eternity. The USA/Russia game may have been longer odds etc but it was not something which stopped school… etc.

  • fisherprice

    Looks like stubborn old Torts had to admit the obvious: Palmieri and Byfuglien are considerably superior players to Dubinsky and Johnson.

    Won’t matter. Canada’s gonna crush ’em.

  • @Hallsy4

    Would be unreal to end their Tourney tonight. What I thought was dumb, was USA’s GM said he modeled this team after the 1996 team, designed to beat Canada. That explains all the weird player selections, but the GM failed to take into account how much the game has changed since 1996, with the new rules etc. I remember how good Darian Hatcher was against the Oil in all those playoff series, and how much I hated him. It seemed like he always dominated them, and was just too big and mean to do much about it. When the rules changed, he was almost immediately out of the league. I liked the old days of players trying to take eachother’s heads off and the stick work, however, unfortunately with the new rules you can’t play that way anymore. My point is, a team built to beat 1996 Team Canada would not beat 2016 team Canada, and that’s non negotiable. Back to the drawing board USA hockey.

  • Gordie Wayne

    Hate to change the subject here…but is there any way to grab Nichushkin in Dallas for Yakupov?

    Nichushkin apparently mulling over signing in KHL if Dallas doesn’t sign him, and apparently Nichushkin and Ruff don’t see eye to eye.

    Would a trade of 2 Russians not thrilled with their current situation be do-able? A fresh start is needed for both of these guys.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of Yak and always root for him to take the next step every year, and I hope that if he stays, it finally works out for him here, but if not, then a fresh start would likely be welcome for both of these players.

    • FISTO Siltanen

      I would be all over this deal. Two high Russian draft picks, both at odds with teams that drafted them. Both fill a need with the other club and both might fly with a new beginning.

      • Gordie Wayne

        So much for that idea – lol. Nichushkin signs a deal 1 hour after I post that comment.

        Dallas loses a player for nothing, probably going to happen with Yak in a year if things don’t go well for him this season.

        Although I guess Dallas will still hold his rights as long as they use a spot for him on their 50 man roster.

  • @Hallsy4

    Lol there’s no question that Canada “Owns this game”. That’s an awful commercial haha. It would almost make it more exciting if the other teams improved a little bit for better rivalries (not quite but almost). Check the odds, heavily favour Canada to win. THat being said, something needs to be done about hockey Canada at the World Junior level I feel. There’s no excuse for Canada to not win that 80% of the time… must be too much politics involved. Take the best players in the CHL and maybe the odd NCAA, regardless of age. Forget about where they were drafted in the bantam draft. TRADE THE MALL

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      USA could have had a really good team, but they were crippled by the existence of team North America. None of the kids make team Canada except McDavid and maybe Ekblad as a 7th defenceman. USA though, Gaudreau – Eichel – Matthews would be better than their current top line. Funny that what I assume was a ploy to get more Americans to tune in is going to have team USA out after 2 games. At least they’ll still have the kids to root for!

      • @Hallsy4

        Yeah it hurt them the most for sure. Wonder if Mathews would have made it? Either way, with those guys and the players Gregor mentioned, they certainly didn’t ice their best team. If they won (Still could) they’d look like geniouses, and I’d have to eat a portion of crow. Here’s to hoping Canada puts that to rest tonight. #Goilers #TradeTheMall

      • Willi P

        Team USA might have added a few of these kids but doubtfully Gaudreau given their desire for “truculence”. Team Canada’s roster however, would be the same, Team NA or not.

  • S cottV

    Maybe a little harsh on Torts / the USA team and I would expect a very tight hockey game.

    Anything can happen in one hockey game and its not like Europe doesn’t have enough good hockey players to win on any given night. So – I wouldn’t read too much into the USA loss and would expect them to put together a desperate bounce back effort.

    Desperate – must win on the USA side, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win this one, even though our guys are probably a better hockey club.

    Yeah – Torts probably goes a little over board on character, tough play and team vs individualistic play. But – if Torts is able to pull off a win tonight and pull the team together in part because nobody is allowed to pout, be selfish, put themselves ahead of the team, be lazy, wimp out – etc, then I wouldn’t underestimate them.

    Big Buff – probably demonstrated some of the above (with the exclusion of wimp out) to get his @ss yanked out of the first game.

  • That third line for Canada is just bonkers. I almost feel bad for any line on team USA that just went through two lines of hell, only to draw Tavaras, Getzlaf, and freakin Stamkos.

    Thanks for the reminder about that Latvia game, what a performance by that goalie. Maybe the highlight of that Olympics outside of the absolute Canadian defensive dominance.

    Should be fun seeing the States knocked out tonight. Maybe they will stop focusing on ‘grit’ and start actually icing the best players their country can offer. Seeing the players they left off, you have to wonder what a Kessel, Pavelski, Kane line could accomplish. Or a D Pairing of Suter / Faulk, followed up by McDounagh / Byfuglin. That to me is a pretty comparable top four to the rest of the field.

    Also, does anyone else notice how many good right shot D the USA produces? Maybe the Oilers can trade with team USA.

  • Oilfaninvan

    I am loving the tone of this article Gregor! It’s absolute madness that Johnson is on the team above Faulk or Shattenkirk. I know some are saying that the creation of a NA team has also hampered the USA team, but looking at who was selected, I doubt it would have mattered that much to their management team.

  • LTFan

    The players on the USA are very proud and are good, very good. They will play hard.

    The players for Canada are also very good and proud and will equal the US in intensity.

    It should be one heck of a game and I predict it will be at high speed. The difference is that Canada has a better team overall, and better coaching. Canada will win but it will be a very hard but not chippy game for the most part.

    Not to be forgotten is that most of these players play with each other on regular NHL teams. Toews and Kane for example.

    Go Canada Go!!

  • Britts94

    I hate how people are still knocking the USA for not taking Kessel. He had surgery on his hand and will be ready to start the season with Pittsburgh. He’s got an INJURY. I’m definitely not an American hockey fan, but it wasn’t their call on Phil.

    Here’s a link to the story about it on NHL.com:

    There’s also an interview on TSN’s Bardown site where Phil talks about it:

    • Jason Gregor

      When they announced original 16 in March he wasn’t hurt. It was ridiculous not to add him then, or even in May when he was still playing with Pitt. His injury has nothing to do with being snubbed on original roster.