WCOH Game 10: Canada vs. Europe

Canada and “Europe” are both bound for the playoff round of the World Cup, but that doesn’t make this final game of the preliminary round meaningless. The winner finishes the group segment with a perfect record; the loser draws Sweden in the semifinal. It’s a game worth winning.


Auston Matthews is out of this world

We knew Auston Matthews was good. Maybe great. Maybe super duper great. But we still had a level of expectation that his greatness would develop over time; not begin to take over the hockey world before it started. Well, we should probably start adding nitrous oxide to our hype train, because today’s goal just sent…



Team North America lost a heartbreaker to Russia in their previous game, completely outshooting and outchancing Ovechkin and pals in the final frame only to come up one goal short. The upstart young stars team has been full value so far this tournament, providing entertaining, high-octane hockey that puts their opponents on their heels.  The…

Canada becomes 2-0 and sends Americans packing in 4-2 victory.

Canada vs USA, in Toronto with a chance to go 2-0 against a long time rival, what an exciting game to be had, one may have thought. But while the fast paced hockey from both sides excited the building and the livings rooms of Canadian fans, one team came out on top by a considerable…