Oilers vs Leafs rematch gets picked up by NBCSN

NBCSN has announced they have added the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs November 29th matchup to their schedule.

According to a Thursday press release, NBCSN has added the Oilers and Leafs rematch on November 29th will be added to their schedule. Following the originally-scheduled Boston Bruins – Philadelphia Flyers matchup at 5:30 P.M. MST, the station will then swap over to the Oilers game.

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Over the years, NBCSN has received much criticism from the media and fans of the NHL for the games they choose to air nationally. According to some fans, the station is infamous for broadcasting “irrelevant” games, such as a plethora of Chicago Blackhawks mid-season games instead of games that have higher importance during the season. While Canadian hockey fans are used to nationally televised games being a normal part of life, there is a wide audience south of the border that will be watching these young, skilled players for the first time which can only help grow the sport.

The November 29th matchup will mark the second game between the Oilers and Leafs this season, as well as the second matchup between highly-touted players Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Although the first matchup was generally quiet for the two former first overall picks the rematch game still carries a cache.

McDavid currently is tied for second in the NHL in points potting 17 in 14 games this year, while Matthews currently sits tied for seventh in league scoring with 11 points in 13 games. 

The Leafs took the first matchup this year between the teams, finishing off the Oilers on a controversial 3-2 overtime winning goal by Nazem Kadri.

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The latest from Laing:

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    • I am Batman

      Ahhhh no!

      Remenda is more annoying than having a piece of bacon stuck in your back molars while you have a water plugged ear and you don’t have floss to take care of your teeth and you are in a public place so you can’t jump up and down to get the water out your ear. That bad.

      Nothing, absolutely nothing is more annoying than Drew Remenda.

    • Oilerchild77

      ^Great comment. That’s the stuff you get in a country that votes in a guy like Trump. The simple-minded military complex is strong with them. Hahaha

      Edit: Anyway, it should be a good game for our Yankee friends to see. Now they’ll know there are teams outside the US.

  • oiler_head

    I guess that’s bound to happen. The biggest downside is that the game will blackout in the NHL TV service and won’t be available until some time after the game ends. I had broadcast/blackout rights. With MLBAM taking over all the streaming, it is less likely to get around geo-location locks with VPN. The price of success.

  • I truly Thank God that I have NHL Centre Ice…Wednesday night on NBCSN: A) Detroit vs Chicago B) Philly vs. Rangers C) Rangers vs Philly D) Chicago vs. Blues E) Caps vs Rangers…it is like washing your stupid hair: Wash, Rinse and Repeat. Oilers vs Leafs what a wonderful, intelligent Change. Go Oilers!

    • Jay (not J)

      You know, I hate giving big companies free endorsements but my (nameless , but I’m sure you’ve seen the ads) cell phone carrier threw that package in free with a plan that I was getting anyway a couple of years back. It is the best gift I’ve received from anyone since dear old Dad gave me an electric guitar for grad. Hockey all the time- it’s like living in a bar.

      • It’s the best $40 Per month @ 4 months I can spend. Hell, I spend $6 per can for Skoal and that is a waste of $$$$. Can’t believe when I started dipping it was only .60 Per can. I tell myself, “You will quit at $2 per can.” You will quit at…..well, it is $6 per can. I’ve spent enough on skoal to buy Season Tickets for 3 years of Oiler Games. (depending the seats of course) Oh well, Go Oilers!

  • 99 to 97

    A nationally televised game is the perfect platform for Lucic, Maroon, Nurse, Gryba, or a healthy Hendricks to make an example out of Kadri (or whoever they have running around) in front of the league and the world. Seriously, it should be lights out for anyone who even sneezes around McDavid.

  • OilCan2

    The Oilers are the most popular team in the league in terms of ticket sales on their road games. Did the stats guys at NBC miss that?

    It seems that the Habs leading the league, Laine tearing the rookie scoring up and the Oilers surfing the top of the Pacific are non stories south of the border.

    That’s okay by me because the most important game of the season is the next one I play.