Leafs acquire Frederik Andersen from Ducks, signed to 5 year deal

Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs have bolstered themselves in net today, acquiring Frederik Andersen from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for two draft picks, including this year’s 30th overall pick.

The 26-year-old Andersen was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2010, but was allowed to re-enter the draft in 2012. The Anaheim Ducks snapped him up from there, seeing potential in his dominant 0.943 season with Frolunda of the SHL. The Dane was immediately placed in the American Hockey league, where he impressed with the Norfolk Admirals in his first North American pro season.

Andersen eventually made the jump to the NHL in 2013/14, backup up Jonas Hiller and posting an impressive 0.923 save percentage over 28 games. He hasn’t hit that mark sense, but for the past two years, he has been Anaheim’s starter, rolling at slightly above the league average in both seasons.

The Ducks were heavily speculated to be interested in moving the 6’4 puck stopper due to the rules involving next year’s expansion draft. Teams are only allowed to protect one goaltender, and the organization is believed to be very high on 22-year-old John Gibson.

Toronto will give up Pittsburgh’s first round pick (30th overall, acquired in the Phil Kessel trade), and their own second round pick in 2017 (to be determined) in the deal.

At first glance, the cost seems a little high, if not unusual for the current Leafs regime. The team has had a recent history of amassing draft picks and building towards the long term, and while they can dictate Andersen’s future with his restricted free agent status, this certainly gives a bit of a “move for the current” vibe to it. Whether that’s a move that’s worth doing is up for debate, but it’s safe to say that the Leafs aren’t looking to stick to the bottom of the standings next year.

Update (5:30 EST)

The Leafs have wasted no time locking up the netminder to a five-year extension. Terms aren’t yet disclosed, though it’s expected that the total cost will come in around $25 million over the length of deal.

  • CMpuck

    5.5, 5.5 for an RFA tender????? Davie Clarkman Hall of Fame contract….

    Anyone have the sack to be honest about this deal, if Nonis made he same deal you’d be calling for his head. This trade makes Benning look savvy.

    • TGT23

      I know you’re just going to hate anything they do regardless, but I know you know teams have to pay extra to lock someone in through UFA years. They bought out his RFA years and some UFA at, what could be, a very reasonable contract. 5.5M is 16th among NHL goaltenders, so he’s not getting paid a lot by starting goalie standards. His track record probably gets him near 3.5/4M, anyway. And that’s just his RFA deals. If he performs and gets to his UFA contract we’re talking more money.

      • CMpuck

        Screw your whinny pithy jabs, this deal is already being received by non fanboys as bad for the Leafs.

        On your own logic, it’s stupid to be targeting a goaltender via trade (costing assets) to have to then over pay for UFA years, this deal is stupid top to bottom. This trade is a Nonis special. I know that you love giving scrubs 4-6 million with term though.

        • TGT23

          I don’t think you have room to talk about anyone being whinny with your crying every time management does anything.

          Who is hating the trade? I mean, outside of people like you who were going to hate anything the team did regardless? People on Twitter? People who don’t like Toronto to begin with? Ducks fans?

          Your commentary is laughable. That you’d call a starting goalie a scrub shows your true ignorance. Keep pretending you’re a fan just “being honest” and a “non fanboy”. Lying to yourself is easier than looking in a mirror.

          • CMpuck

            You’re typical BS, can’t take your mouth off anything decision management makes…

            Go to HF, it’s a joke…

            Yeah, I hate everything sure thing fanboy…

            The Leafs/Fanboy Nation…

            Any 5.5 x 5 goaltender contract is a stupid gamble, trading assets for is a pure long shoot stupid gamble. This franchise is batting a thousand at losing that gamble in the cap era.

            You don’t have the sack to address reality, so I’m done with half bred ‘dahhhh clapz Leefs made a twade’ like yourself. Bookmarking this thread for when Andersen is a complete bust year

          • TGT23

            Ha. You can’t actually debate or discuss anything like an adult so you try to pretend it’s the other people who are ignorant or stupid.

            If you understood hockey or the way the NHL works you’d understand that sometimes you have to gamble to get a goalie. Like San Jose did with Jones (1st and a prospect), or Edmonton and Talbot (2nd, 3rd, 7th).

            The Andersen contract has an AAV of $5M. It’s 5 YR/25M. That’s 18th among NHL goalies. Get your facts straight before you attack people.

            Andersen is a smart gamble. He’s proven he can be a #1. It’s sad you completely lack the understand that to get a #1 goalie you have to pay for it. It’s like you think they should come for free. Anyone who understands the reality of the NHL knows that sometimes you have to gamble.

            You were going to hate anything they did. And your narrow minded ignorance won’t allow you to understand that you might be wrong. Because you don’t want to be. You’d rather be right than have the team succeed by going against what you’ve decided is the right move.

          • CMpuck

            Debate? From a troll like yourself….

            Understand the NHL… sure kid but you don’t have to take a gamble on an RFA/buying UFA years for the least predictable position.

            Jones wasn’t handed a stupid contract, so it’s not comparable…

            Talbot is routinely a punch line for being overpaid..

            Again, you’re a complete knob sucker for these 4-5 million dollar gambles, more often than not these gambles fail. In fact the Leafs have been failing these deals since the cap era began but here you are on your knees for another one.

            Do the Leafs need to force this gamble going into another rebuild year (you know all those dead weight expiring contracts like Michalek, Laich, Greening…. another tank year by design) no they don’t, this move is fast tracking, especially given the expansion draft next summer that would make for cheaper alternatives than the idiot gamble they forced today.

            Getting a goaltender for free? Whatever, just a strawman, I’ll let you jerk over your strawman because you can’t actually address whats said.

            Hating anything they did, nope but whatever you need to feel smart, again you can’t address the point…

            Again, you’re just a troll, no need to respect you. Fast track gamble trades, these always work out so well, like you tho know hackay….

          • TGT23

            Oh, and I went to HFBoards where you claim all the non-fanboy fans are… Seems like most are neutral to happy with the trade. I’d say for the most part people are cautiously optimistic. Same for the contract. A few balked at it but most seem at least okay with it.

            So… if I and they agree, then WTF are you even talking about?

          • TGT23

            Most people are, no one is being torn apart. You’re making things up that aren’t happening. The ones being torn apart are the idiots like you making up silly comparable’s and hating the trade based on them.

            Your troll game is weak.

          • TGT23

            It’s rich that you’d call me a troll. You. That’s the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. Besides, why would I care if a narrow minded faux-fan like yourself has respect for me? Are you some brilliant hockey mind that people trust? No. So, gtfo with your respect. You’re the joke here.

            Have Shanahan and co. failed at these types of deals or are you putting the failures of the former regimes on them to give yourself false ammunition. That’s like saying the Raps current management has failed at trades because of the Vince Carter deal. A trade they weren’t even around for.

            I’ve addressed the point. It’s not a drastic overpay in terms of what goalies have been traded for in recent history. And the contract isn’t a drastic overpay based on goalie salaries.

            You don’t have to agree. I’m fine with you being wrong. Can’t wait for you to pretend you were always for this trade in a couple seasons.

          • CMpuck

            I don’t see you being consistent with your perspective in this comment section day to day, you simply crawl out for an occasional flame war…

            Blah, blah, more masturbatory trite….

            So this gamble gets a pass because Lou made it? Wow, solid logic… it’s smart to make the same gamble because it’s different people making the gamble? Dah maybe when we put all dis money on this other flush draw it’ll hit cause it’s Shanny place the bet this time.

            Don’t care about the Raptors but conflate sports…

            Stupid unnecessary gamble remains a stupid unnecessary gamble, again, it’ll be fun to rub this comment section in your face whenever you crawl out to participate this season.

            I’ve never change my positions or failed to admit when I was wrong, you can’t say the same.

          • TGT23

            It’s the off-season… Most people gravitate away unless something big happens. There’s nothing to discuss until something happens to discuss. That’s just sort of what happens. Sitting in a blog talking about nothing just to be able to say you were here all off-season sounds like a waste of time. Why sit around discussing nothing? Come here everyday to discuss Matthews vs. Laine when the pick is clear? Also, you started the flamewar with your petty insults, so you can’t put this on me.

            I didn’t even mention Luo. I said you can’t put the failures on one regime onto another. Nice strawman, though.

            You’ve never failed to admit when you were wrong? Revisionist history at its finest.

          • CMpuck

            Really, you’re doing I’m too cool this ok….

            Lou is the GM that made the deal.

            When did I fail to admit I was wrong, I’m the first person to mention it when I am.

            STFU troll…

          • TGT23

            God, you’re dumb.

            Luo made this trade, your brilliant point was “how have the Leafs done with those 5M contracts recently?” and then brought up Clarkson. A contract the current regime wasn’t here for.

            The only major money deals this regime has done, Andersen aside, is Kadri and Reilly’s extension. Those are pretty good deals. They got out of a couple big money deals, though.

            There is an entire season of you ripping on Kadri and hyping Bozak, for one. But whenever you’re called on it you feign neutrality or run and hide. But, frankly your trolling has grown tiring. You started this flame war, you’re the one trolling, you’re the one making up lies, so now I have to be the one to end the conversation.

            Enjoy discussing Laine v. Matthews tomorrow. Enjoy your ignorance. If you don’t want to get excited for the good things happening in Leafs Nation, that’s on you. Faux fans always need something to whine and cry about. GFY

          • Mitch92

            “Stupid gamble is stupid gamble, again, it’ll be fun to rub this comment section in your face whenever you crawl out to participate this season”

            So your essentially saying you can’t wait for Andersen to bomb so you can win internet points?
            If you get no joy from supporting your team what’s the point in being a fan?

  • Drapes55

    Have to agree with TGT23, Leafs paid more for a bonafide #1 who’s shown he can carry an NHL workload and succeed in doing so. Also, Anaheim has never been seen as a defensive team in recent years so to say he benefited from playing on a good team is not necessarily true. His win lose record maybe benefited but his overall numbers I believe represent his play between the pipes pretty well. As for his age, look at the age of top NHL goalies before you begin wondering about his age.

  • MacTwoTimes

    Love this move! But I have to think it wouldn’t have happened if the Leafs didn’t land the first overall pick and their other first rounder from PIT wasn’t 30th overall (amongst other things).

    We were brought to this point by the unprecedented amount of positive things that have happened for us recently, they’ve allowed a move like this to happen. The rebuild can be accelerated a bit faster than was initially expected and I ain’t one bit mad. #BestManagementInTheLeague

  • AnthonyV

    Anyone hating this trade ha clearly not seen him play. Stats can lie.

    He is a warrior and is a legit number one. Lou always gets the real deal between the pipes. It’s like the Bo Horvat trade 2.0.

    This is still considered a youth move in my eyes as most people have acknowledged that your don’t hit your prime in net until closer to 30.

    Thanks Kessel!

  • TGT23

    Alright, let’s look at this for a second.

    Andersen has played 125 games of .918 SV%. Worth a late 1st and a 2nd.

    Martin Jones had played 34 games of .923 and went to SJS for a 1st and a prospect.

    Cam Talbot played just 57 games of .931 before going to Edmonton for a 2nd, 3rd, and 7th.

    So, I guess the argument can be made that the Leafs paid more for a more known commodity, whereas the others paid slightly less for unknowns. Andersen made just 1.15M last season, shouldn’t see a huge raise.

    I’m neutral on this deal. But, I don’t think I hate it.

    • Leefer16

      “Worth a late 1st and a 2nd”

      I’m not getting why some people think we paid too much. If we gave up our 2nd round picks in 16 & 17 instead, your comparison would look like we did a lot better than SJS & Edm. We’re talking about the difference between 30th and 31st overall.

      I like this deal although I am placing a lot of faith in Lou’s history with goalies.

      • TGT23

        Because you’re not allowed to like anything the Leafs do or you’re an ignorant fanboy who talks like you’ve learned ebonics and can’t form a coherent thought.

        But, in a year, if it turns out to be the right decision, you can pretend you never spoke against it and anyone who did doesn’t understand hockey and is an ignorant hater who talks like they’ve learned ebonics and can’t form a coherent thought.

        By then you should have something else to hate, though. Because, if you call yourself a true fan, you always have to have something to hate. Rationally or otherwise.

        Simple enough?

    • Harte of a Lion

      Spalling turned into a 2018 San Jose 2nd as well. If Andersen becomes a reliable #1 goalie, his true value will be helping the kids learn to win beginning 2016/17.

  • AnthonyV

    I don’t like it either. Andersen rate stats are not that special, but playing in Anaheim made him look better. I don’t necessarily see a ton more upside here and it feels like a huge over pay when Reimer got a 4th and cam talbot last year didn’t even get a first.

  • CMpuck

    And he’s signed for 5 years?

    Raycroft, Toskala, Bernier, Andersen, why can’t we ever just use both our 1st round picks? Not happy with this deal.

    Whatever Lou got his obligatory make a deal for the best available tender out of his system… this is old school MLSE fast tracking though.

  • Capt.Jay

    Seems steep. Especially for a 26 year old. I wouldve assumed this move in the future but not today. This move deffinately has a “in the present” feel to it.

    Nonetheless, goalies are different and he should be effective till 32-33 years old.

  • Newleafs

    Don’t get this trade.

    Leafs could have got a UFA goalie instead of trading two decent picks for a goalie who will be 30 in 4 years. Picks that if they turned out would be around a lot longer than this goalie.

    Waste of a first rounder.

    On the other hand the Leafs needed a goalie somehow but not sure this was the best option.

    • jasken

      Andersen is a big upgrade over bernier and I think it’s a good move for the transition. I would have preferred to give lower picks but to get a starter you need to give up value. Look at when Lou traded for Cory sneider (9th overall-Bo Horvat) in 2013. And btw his late 20s/early 30s will be his best years.

    • ThatMapleLeafsFan

      lol what ufa goalie would you rather have over andersen? the ufa goalie market falls off a cliff after Reimer and even then there are better options on the trade market (like the guy we just got) than resigning Reimer. As for the picks. C’mon man, if youre really sour about them losing the 30th overall pick, dont forget they have the 31st overall pick still. Like the difference between these picks is virtually non existent. You also have to remember, drafting someone at 30th is basically like taking on a long term project. Ya sure you may luck out and get a Tanner Pearson, but for the most part, players taken at or around 30th tend to take multiple years to develop, which wouldn’t match up with the leafs timeline to win. Lastly, turning 30 is not that big of a deal for goalies. Guys like Quick, Lundqvist, Crawford, Fleury, etc. are all in their 30s and still provide above average goaltending (enough to bring their teams to the playoffs)

    • Jeremy Ian

      I read this as basta with losing games on account of goaltending.

      I think they:

      1. looked at the data on 30th picks and said meh.

      2. surmised that having a bona fide starter coming up through the ranks was going to take way too long and none of the UFA’s were worth the $$.

      3. figured it’s more important to start winning this year.

      I don’t think it’s a bad deal — just a risk that he’s not more than 1A, as Jeff says.

      Just figure it’s a gamble they took with parts of the returns on the Kessel and Polak trades.

      Besides, you can’t just keep stockpiling the prospects and picks; the system’s almost overloaded now.

      I like it.

  • Drapes55

    I think this is a great move for the Leafs. I would have preferred Gibson but Andersen is a good consolation prize. The Leafs have enough picks that giving up 2 won’t hurt especially if Andersen becomes a quality starter for them.

    • Newleafs

      Gibson is pretty much an untouchable for them and I think that he would have cost too much anyways. He’s also a player that was selected using a Leafs pick that was traded away…so I would rather not go down that path