Report: Leafs finalizing trade for Boyle

Kim Klement

(Photo Credit: Kim Klement – USA Today Sports)

According toTSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Leafs are finalizing a trade for Tampa Bay Lightning C Brian Boyle. 

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Now official, the Maple Leafs acquire Brian Boyle in exchange for F Byron Frose and a 2017 second round draft pick. 

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  • FlareKnight

    Curious to see what the move involved.

    It is a good upgrade for the bottom 6. Add some leadership and obviously a massive upgrade on throwing Smith out there.

    Leafs are serious about getting this group some playoff experience.

    So Froese and one of our second rounders (whichever ends up the highest). Not bad. An AHL guy and a second to upgrade the bottom 6. I’ll go with that.

  • Liam O'brien

    I like this kind of shows the team if you hold up your end and keep playing we (Front office) will do what we can to help you get over the line. Breathes confidence through a squad that everyone will back everyone and pull in the same direction.

  • tealeaves

    Funny to see how off the entire MSM and bloggers are off on the leafs being buyers. It is like no one knows what the leafs are going to do.

    This is a good opportunity to do a lessons learned exercise to understand what biases had you miss the move.

    • BarelyComments

      I’ve figured it out… So the condition is simply that the second round pick is the highest (best) of the three that we own. Since the middle pick goes to Anaheim or Dallas (depending on their playoffs) we will have the worst of the three picks remaining for us to use (i.e. most likely SJ’s pick).

  • Stan Smith

    I can honestly say I’m confused as to the reasoning behind this deal. It sounds exactly the opposite of what the Leafs have been saying they wouldn’t do.

    I can understand that making the playoffs would give the younger players experience, and I don’t think they are giving up much in Froese, but the 2nd round pick? I realize it is suppose to be a weak draft, but this still surprises me.

    But,what the heck do I know.

    If this is part of another move they plan on making, it might make a little more sense.

    • LukeDaDrifter

      Twice this year we have had injuries to centers and had to scramble to find replacements. I suppose this addresses that need. Also this makes us bigger and stronger. Since Smith smashed his hand up he is having problems winning faceoffs. I am not sure where this leaves the Goat. I thought he was coming along nicely on the 4th line.

  • LukeDaDrifter

    Brian Boyle
    Center — shoots L
    Born Dec 18 1984 — Hingham, MA
    [32 yrs. ago]
    Height 6.07 — Weight 243

    In 54 games this year Brian has 13 goals, 9 assists, and 48 minutes in penalties.

  • BarelyComments

    I know reports are it’s just a rental for now, but at least attempting some negations would make the price payed much more palatable. A two year extension would be ideal in my opinion. Let’s him go at age 34 and in time to open up some room for the major contracts. Maybe he also allows management to feel more comfortable letting Martin or Komorov go before the end of their contracts.

      • BarelyComments

        Because he gets paid millions of dollars to play on a good team. Boyle is a good player, don’t get me wrong, but its not like there are going to be teams lining up to offer him 7 years this summer.

        • Draper55

          Plus the Leafs can afford to pay him a bit more seeing as they have so much cap room for the next two years before they have to pay Matthews and Marner the big bucks

          • BarelyComments

            Exactly, I have no problem with a 3-4 year deal with a reasonable cap hit, was just suggesting that a 2 year deal with a larger one seems more likely.

        • David House

          I don’t think it has to be 7 years to put the Leafs off by way of term. I agree with your further comment that 4 years might be palatable at the right price, but I don’t think you’d get the right price for a guy who would finish the contract at age 36 while you’re gonna have above replacement level players developing through the system.

          Basically I reject the premise that making it more than a rental necessarily makes it *more palatable*. By re-signing him the trade becomes Froese+2nd+cap space+absence of a developmental spot for the duration of the contract. I think the value is fair as a pure rental in furtherance of getting this young team some playoff experience but paying someone more than say 1.5mil/yr to be a fourth line centre is poor asset management.

          Just one man’s opinion.

  • STAN

    With all the talent in the Leafs system, at various levels, moving Froese and a 2nd rounder is of little consequence. Who knows, perhaps Boyle will help and will want to come back on a short-term deal. I like Boyle and Matin on that fourth line. Big, tough and with some skill.

  • The China Wall

    This trade comes at a good time, with the Leafs heading out for the 3 game “death valley” road trip thru SoCal.

    I’ll be real interested to see how Boyle and Martin approach these games, especially the LA game.

    • LukeDaDrifter

      The biggest hurtle to make the playoffs is the surging play of Florida, Boston, and Islanders. Florida has cooled off just a little lately. As for the 3 game “death valley” road trip, it makes me wonder if his is the correct time to bring Marner back.

  • Capt.jay

    I like Boyle but extremely disappointed we gave a second rounder for a 32 year old that’ll probably play on our 4th line. Also, this is the 3rd year in a row that Bozak has been out of the line up with an injury during deadline day. Almost getting obvious now.

    • LukeDaDrifter

      The second rounder we are sending is likely to be around 45th overall. We still have a 2nd left for ourselves. With our prospect pool so strong it is likely a reasonable gamble. As it stands today, it is hard to see how Kapanen, Leipsic, Brooks, Bracco, Johnson, Rychel, Timashov and others playing overseas can crack the lineup. Some of those guys can kill some time in the AHL. Some are ready to make the next step. I don’t disagree with your premise that having a wack of draft picks is a great way to keep building the team.

  • tealeaves

    The general feeling is that we wouldn’t use assets on ufa rentals. You can find even bloggers on here saying as much on Sportsnet radio. I’m good with Boyle myself. My comment is more just how clueless the majority of folks are