Assembling the optimal Maple Leafs lineup using playing styles

Ryan Stimson, creator of “The Passing Project,” recently released a very interesting piece which aims to identify playing styles and which playing styles should theoretically drive goal differentials best when combined. Stimson used k-means clustering (read more about k-means here) to group players together with players who had similar offensive playing styles. This is how the algorithm…


That 2.33 Percent

The Leafs learned a hard lesson last night in the form of a lopsided home regulation loss to the Capitals, a result that put their playoff clinching scenario on hold, at least for the time being. But being on a back-to-back against the best team in the league, a lot of us expected that game…


Leafs Postgame: Capital Punishment

It’s 12:15 AM and none of us really liked that game, so we’re going to make this the briefest postgame in TLN history and cut straight to the chase. First, here are the highlights: