TLN PRED-icts the Stanley Cup Final

Well, here we are. About a month since the Leafs season ended (hard to believe it’s been that long), the Stanley Cup Cup Playoffs are almost over and the final two teams are officially set. The perennial contenders against the team from Tennessee who’s put together a miracle run the fancy stats crew would tell you they’ve been predicting all year. Whatever the case, it’s a final that pits together likable human Phil Kessel against likeable human Pernell Karl Subban, amongst a bunch of other storylines.

If you wanted the Senators to make it to the final, I don’t have many words for you, but none of them I can, or at least should, run on this site. No one should be cheering for that.

The most fun I’ve ever had blogging was coming up with nicknames for last round’s predictions, so here are the best I’ve got this go around.

Bobby “Latte Better” Cappuccino: Penguins in 7

#ActuallyJeff: Predators in 6

Cam “Sunglasses guy” Lewis: Pred’s in 6ix

Ian “Broken Computer Boy” Tulloch: Penguins in 7

Sam “4/20 in playoff predictions” Blazer:  Predators in 6

Ryan “Oh you” Fancey “huh”: Predators in 6

Dumb Loosechicken: Predators in 6

Even President: Penguins in 6

Dylan “Once took a selfie with Mike Babcock” Fremlin: Penguins in 7

Rivers Hobart: Predators in 7

Jessica Pindollare: Predators in 7

Adam “Preds Whisperer” Laskaris: Predators in 5

About the only thing I’ve done right in my life is predict all three of the Predators’ series correctly (and with their correct lengths) so far, including the sweep.

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

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  • MartinPolak

    jeffler has nailed these playoffs. those so called analytic folks on twitter pedalling their snake oil statistical models must be ashamed. no wonder those guys pick and make fun of jeffler. good job jeffler. and you should do what I do by blocking the analytical statistical “fascists”.

    • Gary Empey

      OK let’s roll the numbers….Here is a list of the top 12 Corsi teams this year.

      Los Angeles – Missed Playoffs
      Boston – Knocked-out 1st round
      Montreal – Knocked-out 1st round
      Washington – won first round, knocked out in the 2nd
      Carolina – Missed playoffs
      Nashville – Stanley Cup finalists
      Tampa Bay – Missed playoffs
      San Jose – Knocked-out first round
      Philadelphia – Missed playoffs
      Calgary – Swept in the 1st round.
      Florida – Missed playoffs
      Chicago – Swept 1st round

      Conclusion…..There is absolutely no relationship between Corsi and predicting a good NHL team.