Leafs Geeks Podcast – Capology

This week, we take a deep dive into the Leafs’ cap situation with the unofficial Capologist of Leafs Reddit, Earl Schwartz (probably better known by his username, Earlisaboss). Here’s a time-stamped list of the topics we discuss:

2:14 – LTIR.
9:40 – Bonuses & Overages.
19:16 – ELC slide.
27:07 – The $ value of cap space.
40:08 – 2017-2018 Cap Forecast.
1:03:45 – 2018-2019 Cap Forecast.
1:20:32 – 2019-2020 Cap Forecast.

Here’s the iTunes link for this week’s episode (also here are the SoundCloud and iTunes links to last week’s episode where Scott Wheeler joined me to preview the 2017 NHL Draft). Sorry for not posting that here last week, I no longer have a functioning computer and it’s been a nightmare trying to navigate the modern world lately  (all of this was typed out on an iPad). Long story short: I’m in Milan right now and won’t be able to replace my computer until I’m back in Canada in mid-June, so until then I’m going to try my best despite limited resources.

Anyways hope you enjoy this week’s episode, cheers!

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