TLN Roundtable: Expansion draft edition!

Ah, the most boring expansion draft in the league. The question this weak was pretty simple: Who would you protect in the expansion draft? There were two lists that came out of this exercise. List one Forwards: Kadri, Komarov, JVR, Bozak, Leipsic, Leivo, Brown Defence: Gardiner, Rielly, Carrick Goalie: Andersen Evan Presement: I’m assuming this…


How far away are the Leafs from being a contender?

How far away are the Leafs from being a Stanley Cup contender? Or more accurately, how close were the 2016-17 Leafs away from being a contender? Were they actually already one? We’ll obviously never know what would’ve happened if things shook out differently in either round one or the regular season, and frankly, it’s a useless…


2016-17 Leafs Season in Review: William Nylander

Unlike the other two big rookies on the Leafs, fans already had an idea of what they were getting from William Nylander, as they got a taste of what he brought to the team in the 2015-16 season after the deadline, where he, and many other rookies, replaced the veterans that had been traded. He…


Because It’s The Cap: Ottawa Senators Offseason Preview

The Ottawa Senators managed to come within one goal of a Stanley Cup Finals berth this year. But are they really that good? And if they aren’t, what steps do you take now? Let’s take a look at the Senators roster and salary cap situation to try and get a better understanding of where this…


Nation Network 2017 Prospect Profile: #19 – Nicolas Hague

Every year there is a defender with a ton of size that most-to-all the scouts salivate over. However, historically speaking a lot of these defensemen have been some of the biggest historical busts. At around 6’6 or 6’7, depending on where you ask, and well over 200 lbs, Nicolas Hague may be the largest defender…


Because It’s The Cap: Boston Bruins Offseason Preview

The Boston Bruins were a team that not a lot of people expected anything out of heading into the season. But on the heels of a balanced attack that saw them come 13th in the league in goals for and 9th in the league in goals against, not to mention a dominant 54.7% Corsi, they…


The Roundup

Flames under the gun to get a goalie, Leafs need to start acting like contenders, concerns with Draisaitl in Edmonton, a great podcast with Mike Commodore, loads of Entry Draft, Expansion Draft, Free Agency and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.