WWYDW: What does your forward lineup look like next season?

Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! The Leafs signed Patrick Marleau a few days back and he’s poised to make really big impact on the Toronto lineup next season. A 27-goal scorer last season, Marleau’s still got some juice left in the tank. But where would he slot in the lineup? Is Zach Hyman the man he bumps down on the left side?
Are you playing William Nylander at centre? What about power play? Penalty kill? Are you bringing anyone up from the Marlies? Is Dominic Moore definitely the fourth line centre, or do you want to be a little more creative?
So, what say you? What does your 12 forwards look like, spread out over the team’s four lines? Who gets the 12th forward spot? Are you making any big trades? Do you got room for one more free agent? Are you bringing up any surprise prospects? And, for bonus marks, what do the Marlies lines look like?
Have your say in the comments below:

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  • canadian_bakin

    Assuming no trades…

    JVR Bozak Marner
    Komarov Kadri Brown
    Marleau Matthews Nylander
    Hyman Moore Kapenan
    Ex – Martin, Leivo

    Rielly Zaitzev
    Gardiner Hainsey
    Dermott/Rosen Carrick

    We really should be looking to move JVR and a couple of picks/Prospects for D help but that trade doesn’t seem to exist right now.

    Just for fun..

    JVR + Carrick + Leivo for Vatanen

  • Brandon

    Marleau Matthews Nylander
    Komarov Kadri Brown
    Leivo Bozak Marner
    Kapanen Moore Hyman

    Gardiner Demers (Demers for JVR + pieces)
    Reilly Zaitsev
    Hainsey Carrick

  • Dia

    I’ve definitely spent way too much time thinking about this lately and went a few years further but here we go, incoming tl;dr lol.

    JvR – Matthews – Marner
    Marleau – Nylander – Kapanen
    Komarov – Kadri – Brown
    Hyman – Moore – Leivo/Rychel (*both need waivers)
    Ex – Martin

    Rielly – Zaitsev
    Gardiner – Carrick
    Rosen/Dermott – Hainsey (* or Hainsey – Liljegren if he doesn’t go back to the SHL )
    Ex – Marincin

    An alternative would be to keep Bozak for the year but you’d end up losing Leivo & Rychel for him, depends what you value more. I chose Leivo since he’s cheap and looked good in the NHL last season plus I feel Nylander would make an adequate if not better C than Bozak, except maybe for FO%. Marleau on that line for support.

    As for any trades this year I’d just be looking to move out Bozak and the excess player salaries in Fehr, Marchenko etc for picks or prospects a couple years away in development, getting extra cap space is always good. Way too many variables to get too specific here, some may be buried etc.

    Anything bigger and I’d wait until the 18-19 season for a possible trade for a RD. Two of my personal targets being Trouba in Winnipeg and Dumba in Minnesota, both RFAs, as far as I’m aware both teams are budget conscious, and at least in Trouba’s case there was already the issue of getting him signed the last time. It’s debatable whether either of them will still be available by then, if either would want to sign with the Leafs and how much it will cost to get one of them. But if one of our LDs in Dermott, Rosen etc is ready to step up maybe we consider a package of Gardiner+? He’ll be 28, 4.05mil (400k S.Bonus) for that season, borderline if not top pair LD, Minnesota native. Should at least be an interesting starting point for either WIN or MIN.

    And lastly, if none of that has worked out then I’d look to the 19-20 season and either hope that Liljegren has evolved into that top pair RD we’re all dying for, or you give the UFA Erik Karlsson a call lol.

  • Skill2Envy

    The Leafs recognize that the East is wide up, they are probably 2nd best in the Atlantic behind Tampa Bay, and last seasons results could be replicated and improved on.

    – No pieces we currently have are moved because retention is our best odds of winning. That said I recognize JVR for a Top 4 D is possible and that move wouldn’t alter my line up much.

    Extra: Leivo, Rychel because of waivers if Babcock isn’t going to cycle out Martin. Kapanen and Leivo if Martin becomes a part-time player.

    Kapanen playing nightly first line in the AHL since waiver-exempt, along with Soshnikov being waiver-exempt and playing. Call-up duty and playing shape if needed for NHL playoffs.