Tyler Bozak’s downtown condo is up for sale

I never know how to feel about “player’s home being bought/sold” type stories. They’re so deeply speculative that there’s no real conclusion that you can draw from them, but they’re still interesting to at least talk about. Especially when they involve a player that you could logically place on the market. So with that in…


Marlies hire Rob Davison as assistant coach

The Toronto Marlies have made a hiring this afternoon, adding Rob Davison to the staff as an assistant coach. Now, I know you’re going to say, that name sounds familiar, and that’s because he’s Vesa Toskala’s sworn enemy:


TLN Monday Mailbag – July 17th

Another Monday, another mailbag. I suppose that’s about all we have guaranteed to talk about this summer, unless the Marlies plan on continue to sign players until the AHL questions why they have a 146-man roster going into training camp. Here’s what was on your minds this week: