WWYDW: What would you do if you were running a Leafs blog?

As you probably know, #JefflerOut.

State of TLN 2017: #JefflerOut

For some reason, they trusted me to run the ship here. I’ve been around for a while but in case you don’t know me, nice to “meet” you. The site is a little empty right now, but we’re working on building it up to standard. We’ve got some fun stuff planned, and will be announcing in about a week or so.

Anyway, this is our blog. It’s mostly about the Toronto Maple Leafs, but sometimes we talk about other stuff.

That’s where you come in. As our friends of the blog, nothing is more important than you. Except the success of the Toronto Maple Leafs. But other than that, probably it’s you second. Okay maybe my immediate family, and then you.

So today’s question is: What would you do if you were running a Leafs blog?

Essentially, put yourself in my shoes and think about the changes you’d like to see here.

What kind of content would you like to see on TheLeafsNation Dot Com?

What sort of stories would you like us to write? More Auston Matthews content? More videos of Mitch Marner? More GIFS of William Nylander? Less talk about Matt Martin?

Leave your comments below, and we’re happy to have you on this ride that will be the 2017-18 Leafs season.

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  • Marlanderthews

    If I ran this site I wouldn’t of let Jeff go. Its the same thing as letting Auston Matthews walk for free, well I just spent the money for a subscription to the Athletic so………Im out

  • Brandon

    When I started reading this site a few years ago, one of the things that drew me in was a focus on analytical approaches to understanding sports. There’s been a bit less of it lately, but I’d like to see you go back to that. Mind you, it’s a challenge to write some of it, and perhaps a bit harder to find people to do that kind of work. Sometimes this past year I felt that post quantity was favoured over quality. One thing I really liked about Jeff’s articles was that they tended to be very carefully and clearly written and well edited. I’m not a big fan of the joke posts myself, or the polls for that matter, which always seemed to be more jokey and not very informative. My three cents. Good luck to Adam (and I think Ryan?).

  • Quality over quantity is what keeps me coming back here and mapleleafshotstove over PPP as well as the lack of joke or nothing posts. I liked the addition of “nation round up” or other posts with links the brief summaries of those links to know if they are worth reading or not.

  • Robert

    I enjoy the analytical articles a lot, but I admit as a newbie to the analytical world I get lost at times with the shorthand/abbreviations used in such articles. With the increase of analytical blogs here, at other sites & on Twitter I’m not the only newbie to this world, so I think it would be cool for there to be a cheat sheet page/link for a quick reference point on the terms used in the analytical world. I know some bloggers will include links in their blogs to credit where the material was taken from, but I’m a lazy ass and clicking on those links is too much of a tedious task for me to complete.

  • Stan Smith

    The only thing I would like to see is a return to Disqus for the comments. It is much easier to use, you get notifications when someone replies to a comment. and you can edit it.

    • Gary Empey

      Good point Stan. Whether it is Disqus or some other software doesn’t matter much. Getting an email notification about a comment replying to one’s comment is the modern way to go on a blog. There is simply not enough time in our busy internet driven lives, to scroll back revisiting articles on sites just to check if anyone has replied to anything you have said. I have noticed a lot of commenters who like to discus the Leafs in depth, have moved over to http://editorinleaf.com/
      On a different level I have noticed after an article has been posted and people comment on it there is rarely any response from the writer. This suggests either arrogance, complete lack of interest in other peoples opinion, of their own work or just too busy on Twitter. I don’t see the same thing on sites like Oilernation. Guys like Baggedmilk are right in the thick of things mixing it up with the rest of guys. This alone generates far more interest. As for content LeafNation has always had a good variety of Leaf content.
      CMpuck’s statement that there is a lack of “diversity of points of viewpoints” at times it certainly has a ring of truth to it.
      Adam I really wasn’t going to comment as I don’t think it is my place to simply criticize a Leaf site that is trying hard to be relevant. But you did take the time to ask so I took the time to respond. The more good sites having good Leaf content a better world it will be for me. I do wish you and all the rest of the staff at LeafNation the best of luck for the future.

  • TommyV

    As someone who is getting into the analytical aspect of hockey and being someone who is not very strong at math I have always tried to seek out ways to understand how people arrive to the numbers in which they do. A breakdown on analytics would be good. You could make a series out of it so that everybody is all on the same page at the start of the season.

    • Skill2Envy

      Like a “TLN Beginners Guide to #Analytics” series. I like it. Summer would be a good time too if looking to create content and traffic flow. A win-win.

      Suggestions: The term and what it means, the math used for it, how it applies to the game, how it doesn’t – Why it’s a good tool, why it’s a bad (or flawed) tool. Maybe a suggested measurement that works better.

      Of course this would be good anytime. I suggest #1 (article, chapter, whatever) simply be a glossary for everything if people ever want a quick reference. Example: CF% – Corsi For Percentage.

  • I’ve enjoyed the analysis of trades and tracking the ultimate linkages of players traded – more of that. Some comparisons (both stats and eye) comparing the Leafs to other Canadian teams on the Nation would be good also.

    Good luck!

  • Skill2Envy

    Maybe the Nations can all do a big collab where they try to create a rating system (kind of like EA) out of 10 for their teams using both fancy stats and traditional to try to rank/compete against each other to see how the teams overall rank. They can be cross examinations too like EDM/MTL or TOR/WPG. So each site can actually get at least 5 different articles from the work if you just look at the Nation teams.

    Stick to basic TOR/VAN, TOR/EDM and so on as a whole team or create more content by breaking down articles also into D vs D, F vs F, G vs G.

    Example of something we might see:
    – McDavid ranks as best forward but because of the accumulated scores of the entire team Toronto wins the Forward matchup in the EDM/TOR. (Lets be honest they would take the series victory because they’d win D and G articles as well).
    – Calgary may boast high ranking defenders but Winnipeg narrowly beats them out due to better bottom rankers in accumulation.

    Want to add some fun and stakes? How about all the losers websites dawn the colour scheme (if can be easily done) of the overall victor for the week or month!

    • Skill2Envy

      Clarification: rating system for the players on their team using a combination of both advanced stats and boxcar (avg boxcar for last X seasons if needed because players are up and down sometimes).

  • Miller

    Lists and rankings are always really fun and controversial! They always lead to discussions and arguments in the comment section. Just like how PPP every year does the T25U25, I always enjoy those articles! I don’t care what you are ranking, just find it to be interesting and controversial content.

  • Chelmsford Leafs

    More fun stuff and less analytics – seems to me that the number of goals scored v number let in is the most important stat.
    And as other people have mentioned – more acknowledgement and response to comments.
    And accepting questions by e-mail.

  • Cali...Leaf

    Well pretty simple suggestions would be have a tab for each player, each coach, each manager, new news, Marlies, etc etc etc.
    Second suggestion is a DAILY Poll. Leaf related whenever possible, but other social hot topics when Leafs news is scarce! Thanks for that Lou. Seriously. Do you ever hear a rumor out of New England Patriots? Lets be like them without the cheating!