TLN Good Boy Profile: Hoagie

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Leafs Nation’s good boy/girl profiles! Since it’s the dog days of summer, we’ve decided to bring you a new good dog profile every day in August. The obvious place to start is with Hoagie, Connor Carrick and his (new) fiance Lexi Solofra’s adorable French Bulldog. Hoagie is a very good boy.

Being smothered by Dad.

‘Bout to drop the most fire mixtape ft. Dad

Not sure how cuddling works.

Please take me with you on this road trip, Dad. I promise I’m better than Roman Polak.


Hoagie doesn’t like the feeling of sand all over him.

Can’t duck the poparazzi.

If you’d like daily pictures and videos of Hoagie, follow his parents on instagram @connorcarrick and @lexsolofs. His hobbies, according to those accounts, include walks along the Chicago Pier with his parents, going to the beach with his parents and playing hockey with his dad, who is also his favourite player.

Hoagie is a 14/10 good boy and he can’t wait to be the ring bearer at his parent’s wedding (I’m just assuming this is going to be the case.)

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