WWYDW: What’s the most realistic three-team trade you can draw up including the Leafs?

Three team trades don’t really happen all that much in today’s NHL. Occasionally, we’ll see a player flipped just before the deadline, and then shipped out again. But with so many players on differing levels of contracts, it’s often tough to really evaluate what the best course of action is and this is why the trades that happen are usually just either one-for-one or involving draft picks and prospects instead of a third team.

But in this scenario, what would you do? Would you want to do something relatively minor, like grab a backup goalie or a depth defenceman? Would you want to do something crazy and trade for Taylor Hall while shipping Adam Larsson to back to New Jersey? Would you trade any of the Leafs’ core pieces to try to land something even better? Or is there someone on the roster you just would like to see go?

What teams would you trade with and what’s your proposal?

Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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  • Jroc

    Leafs: Colin miller, Eric comrie
    Jets: JVR, 3rd (knights), random left handed leafs defense prospect
    Knights: 1st (jets), Kerby Rychel.
    This was actually a really hard exercise…
    When was the last significant 3 way trade in the NHL?

    • The Russian Rocket

      Leafs: Drew Doughty
      Jets: JVR, Leafs 1st, Travis Dermott
      Kings: Jacob Trouba, Jets 1st

      I pretty much just copied Jroc but went for a massive upgrade on D which is probably unlikely.

        • The Russian Rocket

          I dunno man, would you expect the Flames to give up Johnny Hockey for Trouba? Because Marner and Nylander are comparables at this point. Seems too steep. JVR is a repeat 60 guy, plus a first and a good future 2/3 in Travis Dermott? Seems like enough for Trouba

        • Jroc

          No you aren’t. The only problem with JVR is he only has 1 year on his contract, which is terrifying when you think of what comparables like okposo and Ladd got paid. JVR might get 8X7. YIKES! but the PLAYER is enough to get troubadour if you threw in a reasonable ++. Look what harmonic just went for? If anything use the Threeway trade to send JVR for picks than send those with a few of your own for the unicorn?

          • Hamonic is a 2nd-pairing defenceman who asked for a trade. Trouba and Doughty are both bonafide #1s, and are either younger than JVR or have term on JVR.

            JVR’s a very good, but not elite, winger with one year left on his contract. He is not landing you an elite player in return, even if you package a low 1st and a mid-tier prospect.

          • Put it this way: If the Leafs could turn JVR into a bona fide #1 defenceman, even if it meant giving up a mid-level prospect and next year’s first round pick, would they have done it already?

            If it took you longer than 0.5 seconds to say “yes”, you’re wrong. The fact that they haven’t done it yet suggests JVR+ is not enough to land such a player.

  • jbrough7

    We send Tyler Bozak and Aaltonen to the NYR. They send Zibanejad and Brady Skjei to the Habs and the Habs send us their best defense prospect, rightie Noah Juulsen.

    So the Habs get their centre they need and a defenceman who can play right now. They are going for it this year so the two players coming over from NYR are much appreciated.

    The Rangers desperately need help at centre. They lose one but they gain two.

    The Leafs get one of the best RHD prospects out there. They are weaker at centre but they can slide Nylander over or they can promote Fehr to the fourth line and have Moore play third line between JVR and Mitchie.

    • Mpsenicka

      I get that you’re trying to fill a need but you really don’t want Juulsen. He hasn’t progressed since his draft and he play has suffered since. In saying that, if you’re set on him you could probably grab him cheap because of the stock drop.

      • Espo

        well you see, Boston doesn’t want to pay young Pasternak a lot of money…. so they’d rather pay JVR a lot of money…. makes perfect sense if you dont pay attention to the facts.
        (in hindsight after typing…. JVR and Pasta seem like they have similar impacts on a game… maybe not the same type of player, but a net win-win there…. Boston gets track record to justify paying maybe?)