Monday Mailbag: “When the heck does the season start?” edition

August. Twenty-first. Two thousand AND Seven…teen.

The point of the year where you do things like care about a big star in the sky, potential Leafs d-pairings and also Connor Brown’s contract or lack thereof.

Caring about hockey at this point in the year is weird because you either care so much or just want to enjoy your summer. Sometimes it’s both, but really, October can’t come soon enough.

But anyway, let’s jump into the very hockey-heavy* questions** this week.

*They’re not really hockey-heavy
** Not all of them are questions

Having more wingers is good. Options are good. Losing players to other teams is not good, but having so many good players as options is good.

Not the first time this question’s been asked, but here is what Jonny wrote about this last week.

Learning to Love Depth

Our boy Evan Presement liked this question so much he has a full article coming out on it soon. Stay tuned!

Oh. Maybe you shouldn’t trust this guy. Avoid the Presement and the President for Eclipse takes.

1967. Welcome to your first day on-line, at “Cooom”??!

This wasn’t a question, but it was a nice compliment.

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As you can tell from this mailbag, we could really use some hockey things to start happening.

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