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Is Tavares to Leafs possible; could Winnipeg get the Coyotes back; expectations for Sam Bennett; did the 2 big contracts torpedo the Oilers cap; Jagr, Athanasiou, the 2018 Draft and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the Daily Dugout

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Is a one year contract between Tavares and the Leafs that far fetched? (Ryan Fancey)

Will Zach Hyman ever be a Top 6 forward? (Sammi Sibler)

Mitch Marner got a huge new tattoo (Hayley Hendren)

What would a team of the best active ‘ex Leafs’ look like? (Evan Presement)


What if Winnipeg got the Coyotes back? (Art Middleton)

Breaking down the first 2 crucial months (Art Middleton)

Scheifle cracks NHL’s Top 10 (Art Middleton)


Report: Zetterberg to retire after 18-19 season (Brock Seguin)

Athanasiou reportedly considering KHL offer (Nick Seguin)


The Flames can sign Jagr and stay under the salary cap (Ryan Pike)

Year 3: Realistic expectations for Sam Bennett (Pat Steinberg)

What do the Flames still have to do this off-season? (Ari Yanover)


Have the 2 BIG contracts torpedoed the Oilers Cap situation? (Jonathan Willis)

Connor McDavid talks contract talks and expectations (Baggedmilk)

McDavid and Draisaitl: What it means (Robin Brownlee)

Top 100 Oilers: #6 Paul Coffey (Robin Brownlee)

SIGN UP: For the 1st Oilersnation golf tournament (Chris the Intern)

Darnell Nurse talks the upcoming season (Baggedmilk)

Hockeyfights.com – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network:

Hockey players are the best (Baggedmilk)

Head start: 2018 NHL Draft preliminary rankings (Jeremy Davis)

The Canucks should offer sheet Andreas Athanasiou (J.D. Burke)

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    – They should sign Jagr to keep their fans amused because they are not a playoff team this year and won’t be after Burke takes over and assigns Maloney as GM . Stick a fork in Treliving by x-mas.
    – Sally Bennett? What to do with a wasted pick? It happens I get it. Maybe a bounce back year in another AHL city as Burke will be having a fire sale.
    – What do the flames have to do this off season? To late and it cannot be undone unless Burke is gone but either way the flames are chasing a wild card spot that is out of their grasp, this year next.

    • madjam

      Get a laugh out of people thinking or claiming Oilers overpay all their players and are in cap hell . Yet they can afford Leon , Connor , Lucic and Hopkins quite easily if Chia keeps on adding such a good base around them . Example – the next highest forward contract after those 4 is only 2.5M for R.Strome . Chia done a very good job having one of the better roll/supplimentary players teams in NHL at an outlandishly cheap price . If Oilers decide to deal Hopkins I would expect Oilers to go get another 6M plus player into lineup to fill that void properly . Flames only bargain on offence is Backlund , and only for this year as his value contract ends .

      • LAKID

        flames have no goaltending, poor offence and a questionable defence. The defence is the only bright spot and looks good on paper. Not to worry though the have Burke!

        • supra steve

          “flames have… a questionable defence. The defence is the only bright spot and looks good on paper.” Here’s another quote for you. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

          • LAKID

            Then start saving supra. Gio is getting long in the tooth. Hamonic was terrible last year -21. Stone is a average to below average defender. Brodie -16 Yuk. Bart DOH! -4. Hamilton is the best one of the bunch and the fans were trying to run him out of turdville his first season. The more I look at it the defence doesn’t look good on paper either. The fact is the only thing the flames have going for them is that defence and it is suspect. No goaltending. No Offence. No coaching and they have Burke to boot. lol.