State of the (Leafs) Nation Survey

Hello, good people of TLN. We here at the blog are always looking to make it a fun, informative, and inclusive corner of the internet and the hockey world. We do our best, but we can always do better. That’s where this survey comes in. We want YOU, the readers, to tell us how we can continue to improve as a site.

We’re here because we love hockey and the Leafs and we want to share that with other passionate people. Help us help you enjoy our site and give us some feedback. We promise we’ll read it, reflect upon it, and see where we can make changes and where we can keep things the same. And as always, thank you.

Even though we’re making it a point to collect these answers right now, keep in mind that we always welcome feedback. Throughout the season, if you ever feel like we should know something — whether it’s something we’re doing right, something we’re doing wrong, or just something you’d like to share with us that will benefit the site — you know how to reach us.

We’re excited to get this season rolling. The window is open. Here’s to taking the league by storm in 2017-18.

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